Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fit through the gym

Ay! Ay! Here I come..

You all there? Sorry for being disappear lately. An update from me; new goal is in the house! Yaaayy!! What goal? What goal? Being fit while body shaping like a devil lady. Lol!

I always love a Latin quotation "Mens sana in corpore sano;" a sound mind in a sound body; di dalam tubuh yang kuat terdapat jiwa yang sehat. A motivation to be balance, body and mind. I'm having tons of ways to feeding my mind, but my body? I'm feeding it too, literally. Lol! Sites and books for health always explain that basically, to have a healthy body, we have to eat right, drink enough water, rest well and do some exercise. I'm done with the three one, but not with the last mentioned. It's kinda hard to remember when was the last time I work out.

But if, walking categorized as a sport, then I do my sport since this seven months. To be total, I walk for about thirty minutes a day, on a medium track. I said medium because the altitude is kinda extreme. Sometimes I found the track is easy to make, but often time, I lose my breath while walking. Fyuuuhh.. At the same time, my baby is complaining about how often I being sick. Ya, ya, I do complaining about my body, "I feel pain here, there, now here again, and there again, and so on, and so on." And he's sick of that! Lol!

Sakti, a friend of mine, invited me several times to swim on a gym where he is a member. Being a member for more than a year, he can bring a friend there on week-end. And there was I, in a non-crowded swimming pool with people who were doing their sport, not those who are flirting around who I usually found in public swimming pool. Love it! And the last time there, Sakti asked if I wanted to try fitness. Of course I did! And I kinda love it.

And since that day, I also become a member. Yaay!! I decided to work out in a gym which is not far from my office. So I can do my sport after work hours. For the first time, Sakti accompanied me, it was soooo crowded, full of people! Instead of working out seriously, I was enjoying watching motivated people there. Actually people said, and I agreed, fitness is just another new lifestyle of urban people. But what I found out there is not exactly like that. Yes, maybe there are some who go to the gym as a lifestyle, but there are also plenty of them, who are more numerous, who want to do a sport. Really! And just like urban people, the member are varied; the style, origin, outfit and goal.

Each member has a Personal Trainer, mine named Hasan. At our first meet, he asked me about my physical activities, motivation and goal. So we made a goal, "I want to look stunning on my wedding dress." And he noted it, very well. What we did on three days of exercise are: He measured my body mass index, the results are my fat condition is poor, my body keeps too much water in it and I have to lose four kilos. Not hard, he said. And I take it as a motivation. Lol! He also pushed me to do some exercises into my maximal capacity, and those brought me to pain for days! Really. After that three days, he make a program for me.

First, I can't consume carbohydrates after six pm. No more noodles, at least once a month, I was bargaining. Hehe.. Do the sport three times a week, at least. Ok! I'm on, PT! Tomorrow night will be my first month there, and I'm really excited to do more exercises. Being fit, body shaping, sound body, here I come!! Euh, stick with me, Mr.PT! ;)

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