Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twinkle little star

One day, on a business trip with some colleagues from other departments, I was trapped in a situation where everybody there should tell a simple story in order to get better know each other. And there we were, in a Hawaiian restaurant, enjoying our cocktail. I have no story to share, my mind said. “It’s better if it’s a funny story,” one said. Oh yeah, I don’t even have one which is not funny at all! Fyyuuuhhh.. I hate business trip! Shouldn’t we just do the business thing here?

All I remember is just the scene of people talking and laughing. While me, I was trapped in my own mind, tried to find a story that I can share. My turn finally came; “Aaaa… ooo… mmm… I don’t have any story to share, guys.” They were disappointed, I should have one, they forced. “Mmmm… I really don’t have one. I’m so sorry. I’m a typical of story listeners than tellers,” I explained. It was just my trick, they said. Ouf! Why it was so hard to convincing them than my little nieces? How I love children than the adults.

“I guess its fine, guys! Not everybody can tell a good story. I agree with her.” Hey! Who is that, an angel? I turned my head left, there were he, wearing a red shirt with a white cap on his head. Cool. I smiled, thanking him; he smiled back to me, welcoming. “Hmm.. but some people are a very good singer,” he proposed while winking. Guess he is an angel! Why a savior can be so cute at a same time? Dear God. “Hmmm.. hhhmm… well I can try. I’m surely not a good singer, but I think I still can do it better than tell a story.” Everybody was clapping their hand; good. I stood up, tried to clear my throat first. “Ok, don’t hesitate to stop me if you feel like hell, okay?” I reminded them. “Ok!” everybody agreed.

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in a star

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

I sang, seriously. I saw people laugh, happily. Hey! It’s even better than a funny story! My mind said. In the middle of my song, I looked to the left, fast. And I saw him, my angel, laughing so loud while moving his body back. I smiled. But wait a second; I don’t look like a clown now, right? Hmm.. I don’t think so. I repeated my favorite song once again, since it’s a very short song. And finally I finished it. People were applauding and clapping their hands. Good job! Hmm.. I kinda start to like business trip, I guess.

“Hey little star!” a voice form my back when I putted diner salad on my plate. Oh, it was him! I just smiled, speechless. “I don’t know that star eat salad.” Is he seducing me? Well I hope so. “Star even eat steak sometime, depends on her mood.” I replied. Am I seducing him? Sure. “Hahahaha… She seems doesn’t like diet thing, hein?” “Hahahahaa…” we laughed and after that we ate our dinner in a same table and spent that night with champagne until the restaurant closed.

The morning came and I enjoyed the sunshine from my window. No, I didn’t have him beside me on my bed. Come on, it’s not a Hollywood movie, guys! He went back to his room while I rested in mine. But yes, it was bloody fun last night. He is a very nice man to chat with. Her wife must be very lucky having him in her life. Oh yes, he is married, girls. I’m so sorry. Hahahaa.. Why didn’t I have a one night stand with him? No, no, no. I’m not that kind of girl, not anymore. In fact, I did once, two years ago, with a man that I call husband now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I first came to PTEN, the company where I spend 9 hours a day, more than three years ago, my weight was about 42 kg. I was one of the girls who had a problem with their weight; I just couldn’t increase it since years. So there I was, entered one of the skyscraper in Jakarta wearing one of my best work suite and a nice high-heels.

And this morning, guess it was nearly thousand times I passed the building gate; I wore a shirt and skirt which their colors are far from what we call shiny and a pair of slippers. Yup, I wear slippers lately, wherever I go. Isn’t it good remembering the dangerous side of high-heels? Hah, just a justification I made! Lol.

I reached elevator to go to 18th level and stayed calm inside for couple of minutes. Do you know that our elevator here work very fast? It only takes about one minute to reach 18th level without stopping. While waiting, I usually checking my hair and clothes through the elevator wall that can reflects us like a mirror. And guess what? I found a big reflection of my self. I mean it, big; big cheek, big stomach and also big hand. And my cute big cheek starts to hide my tiny chin now. Haissshh…

Am I exaggerating? Yes, I am. Hehehe.. I’m not that big, I know. But, compared with three years ago, I’m distended! Oh! Now I know why my zipper always going down every time I seat! Haha! I gained weight and I didn’t work out. I did, but about once a month. Can we call it a work out though?

Are you curious how much is my weight now? No? Sorry, only yes answer is accepted. I’m 52 kg now! Yahoo!! Isn’t that an accomplishment, guys? I gained 10 kg in three and a half year. And I’m asking you all now, is it normal? Come on! I’m serious. Is it normal? Did I gain too much? Should I start a diet?

Sorry, need a little pause, my zipper is going down (again).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our French class

It’s a new routine for me, started a month ago; we have a weekly French class. When I say we, it refers to Oscar, Sakti and I. Based on the same needs of practicing and memorizing our French language, we study together for about 3 hours a week. Do you know that sometimes we just need a higher goal in order to get a bigger motivation? No? So you just knew it now. We found and declared our highest goal on a first class; achieve C1 and B2 for Oscar.

Do you have an idea of what I’m talking about? Ok, just like the other language, French also have an international standard of language proficiency certifications, named DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) and DALF (Diplôme approfondi de la langue française). The first one certifies that the holder has the basic competency in French and an autonomous knowledge of French, the second one guarantee that the holder has an extensive knowledge of French language and mastered advanced levels of expression in special areas of study. C1, which Sakti and I will follow, is part of DALF test, and B2 is in DELF test. Having a different level of goal doesn’t put some difficulties for us, since B2 and C1 is just one level apart.

So there we are, in a café taking our dinner while presenting and discussing a subject that we prepared before. I can say that speaking French after a long time being a passive speaker is not easy at all. Having so much idea in my head and so little vocabularies at the same time really drives me crazy. But nothing can stop me to find the rainbow’s end! Oh, really love that expression!

After a month, we finally can find our rhythm. Sakti and I think that we really need a lot of reading and speaking exercises before we come up with the synthèse writing process. While Oscarlita, he found that he desperately needs a lot of grammaire exercises before starting discussing in French. Despite the different needs, we let him prepare those grammaire exercises for his good sake. And us, we continue doing the presentation and the discussion since we won’t face grammatical exercises in DELF and DALF test. But yeah, still, good grammaire will lead us to a good writing. Make sense. Keep up the good work, Oscarlita!

Last night, we have a new class member, Riri. Being a French teacher in an international school makes her a good active French speaker. What a chance for us! On her first participation, she brought an article that she usually discusses for the 10th class, which also she believes a lot more difficult than the articles that Sakti and I brought. Huhu, right time to increase the level, guys!

So starting next week, we will discuss a harder subject based on an article which is more difficult to understand. Don’t let 10th class student tease us, guys! Haha! Self motivation plus practices equal achievement. That’s our new formula. Hey! Why am I writing in Englissshhh???