Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mama Pesta, une mere pas comme les autres.

Just by now, I become prouder having a mom, like my mom. I have some reasons exclude the sentimental one:

1. Instead of asking her only daughter, "When will you marry?" she asked, "When will you continue your study?"
2. If other parents in Jakarta are proud having children work in Business District such as Sudirman-Thamrin, that doesn't go with her. This what she told me, "Why don't you re-start to work as a teacher? Working as an employee maybe sounds cool, but you won't upgrading much. Not as much as a teacher does."
3. When my besties worked hard to fulfill their mom's wishes for their wedding party, well I don't. She just gave me some amount, and leave the work to me. See how cool she is!
4. I don't have 'a must and a mustn't' list from her. She only told me to do my thing by my own way.
5. She texted me yesterday, on my bday: "Met Ultah ya, Teh. Semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu dan bertambah disayang kekasihnya. Dan segala rencana yang akan dijalani dapat berjalan dengan lancar. Dan tetap dalam lindungan Allah SWT. Amin." Now you know what I mean?

My mother has surely tamed me. Just like the little prince and the fox.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mon Joyeux Anniversaire

B-day gal is in d houuseee!! Yaaayyy!!!

Hey ya all! Annyeong Haseyoo!! Ca va? Today's my day. I can say it that way, rite? I'm turning 28 now. What a number. *wink* How's my day so far? Smooth.

As I woke up this morning, I watched Running Man on my laptop until 8 a.m. and the consequence is I'm desperate to watch the next episode! ToT Ah, after that I was rushed to get prepared and thankfully the road seemed very kind to me. I kept my self busy along the journey, replying all the bday messages. Aaaa.. How I love it! A day when universe pray for my good without being asked or paid. Lol! How about my wish? My wish is just like everybody's wishes. They really send me very sweet wishes. And all I have to do is say, Ameeenn... =)

I no longer have the bday euphoria like years ago, I also don't have list of cadeau like I used to, I don't have bday cake with candles like I always have since years, I don't hold a small or big bday party, no more party. All I do have is a complete me. A 28 years old girl; with healthy mind and body, a happy soul, a dazzling histories and also surrounded with like million lovable people. How can I ask for more, then?

A perfect life from the perfect 10 (I was born on October -ten- 10th at 10 pm). Happy birthdaaayyy!!!! Biseeesss.... (Yes! I'm kissing myself!) Lol!

Joyeux Anniversaire!! 생일 축하 해요!! Happy Birthdaayy!!! Selamat Ulang Tahun!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Beyonce and I

Gals, do you match your nail polish with your outfit?

I'm a little bit nervous here, whether I should put the same color as my wedding gown, or just a color in the same tone, or it's fine to put a really different one! Aiisshh.. How do you think? Hmm.. honestly, I'm in love with a color, the one that Beyonce use on her latest video, Best Thing I Never Had. Check this out:

Gold! It's gold, right? Isn't it beautiful?? I will also wear white for the wedding vow, but another color for the party. But I think both are goes with gold. *more like talking to myself*
But oh but, a bestie said that red is the best one. Hhmm.. Red is good, but since all the bride in town always put red nail polish for their wedding, it doesn't kinda fit me. A you know, I don't like to be common, gals. Even it's inevitable sometimes. Lol!

Okay, I think I'll do nail polish hunting this evening, after work. Let's see if universe agree with me and Beyonce. *wink*
Have a happy week-end everyone!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Running Man!

Annyenong haseyooo!!!
Me back here. Kinda very busy lately, that's the reason for being disappear. Busy for some things; the trip, the wed, work, and running man! Running man??? 예.

This running man really ruined my biological hour! 정말!
And just like a teenager, my
head only filled with those people; Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Ha-ha, Lee Kwang-su, Song Ji-hyo, and Song Joong-Ki, and their acts. Aigoo..
They make me laugh to cry in the middle of the night, aiisshh... This variety show, somehow, brighten up my life so much. Instead of the sleepy attack at the office. Lol!

I was watching 24th episode this morning, and can't wait to continue this evening. Yay!! And also, to copy more episodes from Nasto this week-end. *wink* Isn't that daebaakk???

p.s. Sorry, just trying to apply some Korean words that I learn.

Monday, September 19, 2011

From cousinhood to neighbourhood

I love the title there!

Do you know why family can tie you no mater how far you go? Cos its blood. Indeed! That's why people say 'blood is thicker than water.' In my experience, no mater how hard we deny our root, the life will spinning and spinning to a circle and bring us back to the root, and all you can do is just say 'bye' to the highest leaf.

Do you know why friendship is one of the biggest miracle on earth? Cos it needs no blood. Indeed! Frank Crane even say 'a friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself." In my experience too, once we found our true friend, never be careless to tie her/him up to you. Because a friend, will always come to you, light you, smile and even cry for you, no matter how fast the life is spinning around.

Do you know that a friend in family is priceless? It is. Indeed! You have the thickness of the same blood and a person to be together with in light and dark moments. Just because, she never wants to live her life without you. Because this friend, is always looking for you to share her day, to wipe her tears, and to laugh the stupidity she made. I have one.

Do you know a girl named Upie? No, she's no longer a girl, a woman now. I call her T'Upiel. T is from teteh, an appellation for older girl in Sundanese. Upiel is from Palupi, her name. I make that nickname. *wink* She is a dearest cousin of mine, a little older than me. (How nice I am, I put 'a little older there, Lol!) She is a friend of mine too. In the third category I described up there. I know, how lucky I am, right?

Do you know that last weekend she added a new label in my life? A neighbor. Looks like two are not enough for her! Lol! Hardly looked for a house to rent for weeks, finally we found an available small house that she desires which is only separated two doors from mine. That is coincidence! True. After some administration steps, she moved there; she and her husband. Yay!

Do you know how it feels? Well I just know it. A strange good feeling, to always be near.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And I'm, rejected!

As I planned on my resolution's list, I'm about to donate my blood four times this year. Do you know that our body need at least three months to be healed after the donation? That's according to the doctors who I surely don't remember the name. Those who do the check up things before we donate.

It went well on February and June, but yesterday, after three months and two days since my last donation, an unexpected thing happened. As usually, after giving the donor card and signing a form, I have my health checked by a doctor. That day, by doctors; a woman and a man. My weight was measured, my blood pressure was checked, both are okay. And then my blood PH; the doctor will take some blood from my finger, put it in a little straw (What? For me it is a straw!), and drop it to a bowl where there is a blue liquid. If your blood PH is good, your blood will drown in. But if not, then you need more calcium. Mine, they drown for a second and then floating. Lol!

The doctors asked if I eat well lately, I did! Did I eat enough meat? Come on, what else do we eat in Lebaran? So, they suggested me to consume vitamin for blood and eat more fresh meat and veggie to have enough calcium. And come back after three days.

Beware, an omnivore is having a deadline here! Lol!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's two pieces!

Yesterday, I worked out after work and continued with swimming. You know that I prefer to swim at night than in the morning? Yes, I do! Less light, less heat and less crowd. Lovely! If I want to swim, I don't go to the closest gym to the office cause it doesn't have any pool. The one who has it is near Dyence's office, my bestie. Not far, only about 15 minutes to go there, by bus.

Here's the timetable; Arrived there at 5.20 pm and started to work out around 5.30 until 6.10, I prayed maghrib and changed the outfit for about 20 minutes. Continued to swim from 6.30 until 7.00, after that I needed 30 minutes to take a warm bath, change clothes and pack my things. And the night is wrapped with cup of tea, biscuits and a little chat with Sakti, my gym partner.

O, that's not the point! All I wanna share is about my swimsuit last night. Lol! Me started to swim since my childhood. It was my dear mom who introduced this best sport in universe. Okay I'm biased, sorry. She bought me a one piece blue strips swimsuit, a very nice one. I wore it to learn swimming in a sport club where she registered me when I was six. We went there twice a week. I looked so gorgeous with that blue strips suit and a blue mini buoy! ;p

I couldn't get in to that suit again when I was in junior high school. And mom bought me a new one, it was red, with three colors of strip at front. Not really like it cause the model is so common. Sorry, mom! Fortunately that suit didn't last long, I accidentally ironed the skirt. Lol! Accidentally I said, accidentally. And I separated with that poor red swimsuit.

Since that, I borrowed my auntie's or my bestie's swimsuit when I swam. I know, that wasn't cool and hygiene. But, what can I say? Lack of money, that was the only reason. But o but, on my second year on work world, I finally bought a swimsuit by my own money. Yay! I chose a one piece suit on leopard motif. Aaauummm... I wear it with a big confidence of my body shape on that while on TV and magazines, ladies nowadays wear more and more bikini in pool. And I found that hot!

And my dearest Karcut, another bestie of mine, answered it. She bought me a bikini, a beautiful one! O gosh! It's two pieces swimsuit with another piece of (something like) skirt to cover my body on my way to pool, all in rainbow's motif. Love it! O, I should've took a picture of it! Later, kay! I intend to wear that in Phuket. Yaaayy!! It's about one more month and two weeks. Can't wait! Really can't wait, so I wore it last night at the pool. Kekekee.. Somehow, the B makes me feel so light and hot. (No curse, please..)

It's two pieces and makes me look like hotties! *finger crossed*

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What u r up to?

Hey yo all!
Quoi de neuf? It's been a loooooooonnnggg time since my last post here. No other reason except my laziness. If 'not in the mood' doesn't counted as a reason. Lol!

What you all are up to? Me, have numbers of things to do on my list until next February. But before I share it, I wish to greet people in my life.

To my dear Karcut; Your backpack arrive already! Our holiday comes closer, darling! Yaaayy!!
To dearest Sarap; Miss you already, even when you haven't reached the airport yet! Lol! Tell my warm greeting to Seoul! Annyeong!!
To Yenq cherie; O please contact me ASAP, have a great job offer here, darling! ;)
To Bastien; Bonne chance for your 1st day at work! Break a leg! ^^V

My Ramadhan passed smoothly, Alhamdulillah. I wasn't sick, really fit indeed, just not like my precedents Ramadhan. I won't share much about it, prefer it to be our secret, just me and Ramadhan. =)

Despite of the cookies sale which isn't as good as last year, my Lebaran is still an extraordinary one. Thanks to Indonesian government. Lol! Well okay, no need to discuss it more. The most important thing is just, you, me, Lebaran peacefully!

And my days after Lebaran is colored with marriage preparation. Tiring yet fun! I know that I'm not a detail person, but since it's my marriage, my effort has to be all out. But no, I have a great team also! ;) After started with the venue and vendors, finally yesterday the gown and theme have been chosen, the decor and food also. Now we continue with crazy little things called details. Aiisshh.. Courage! *and now I salute to all woman who manage their wedding by their own self*

What else? O, future career! Since I'm a self motivated type, I'm still keeping that fire of scholarship. Checked the Erasmus Mundus site, probably they will open the new recruitment this October. Monsieur Jimmy agreed to give me his letter of recommendation. Yaaayy!! so I still have time while asking one more professor. Semangat!!! ^^V

Btw, have I told you that after marriage I will move to another city? Yes, I will! Leaving this biggest city where I was born and always live is such a big decision I made. Scared? Nope. I'm just preparing for the changes and the new rhythm I will have there. O, after Lebaran I accidentally met a lady who work at CCF in that city and she suggested me to send my CV there. Hope I can make it!

So those are my 'to do' list. Wish me a good luck, guys!
Now tell me yours!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fit through the gym

Ay! Ay! Here I come..

You all there? Sorry for being disappear lately. An update from me; new goal is in the house! Yaaayy!! What goal? What goal? Being fit while body shaping like a devil lady. Lol!

I always love a Latin quotation "Mens sana in corpore sano;" a sound mind in a sound body; di dalam tubuh yang kuat terdapat jiwa yang sehat. A motivation to be balance, body and mind. I'm having tons of ways to feeding my mind, but my body? I'm feeding it too, literally. Lol! Sites and books for health always explain that basically, to have a healthy body, we have to eat right, drink enough water, rest well and do some exercise. I'm done with the three one, but not with the last mentioned. It's kinda hard to remember when was the last time I work out.

But if, walking categorized as a sport, then I do my sport since this seven months. To be total, I walk for about thirty minutes a day, on a medium track. I said medium because the altitude is kinda extreme. Sometimes I found the track is easy to make, but often time, I lose my breath while walking. Fyuuuhh.. At the same time, my baby is complaining about how often I being sick. Ya, ya, I do complaining about my body, "I feel pain here, there, now here again, and there again, and so on, and so on." And he's sick of that! Lol!

Sakti, a friend of mine, invited me several times to swim on a gym where he is a member. Being a member for more than a year, he can bring a friend there on week-end. And there was I, in a non-crowded swimming pool with people who were doing their sport, not those who are flirting around who I usually found in public swimming pool. Love it! And the last time there, Sakti asked if I wanted to try fitness. Of course I did! And I kinda love it.

And since that day, I also become a member. Yaay!! I decided to work out in a gym which is not far from my office. So I can do my sport after work hours. For the first time, Sakti accompanied me, it was soooo crowded, full of people! Instead of working out seriously, I was enjoying watching motivated people there. Actually people said, and I agreed, fitness is just another new lifestyle of urban people. But what I found out there is not exactly like that. Yes, maybe there are some who go to the gym as a lifestyle, but there are also plenty of them, who are more numerous, who want to do a sport. Really! And just like urban people, the member are varied; the style, origin, outfit and goal.

Each member has a Personal Trainer, mine named Hasan. At our first meet, he asked me about my physical activities, motivation and goal. So we made a goal, "I want to look stunning on my wedding dress." And he noted it, very well. What we did on three days of exercise are: He measured my body mass index, the results are my fat condition is poor, my body keeps too much water in it and I have to lose four kilos. Not hard, he said. And I take it as a motivation. Lol! He also pushed me to do some exercises into my maximal capacity, and those brought me to pain for days! Really. After that three days, he make a program for me.

First, I can't consume carbohydrates after six pm. No more noodles, at least once a month, I was bargaining. Hehe.. Do the sport three times a week, at least. Ok! I'm on, PT! Tomorrow night will be my first month there, and I'm really excited to do more exercises. Being fit, body shaping, sound body, here I come!! Euh, stick with me, Mr.PT! ;)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Passions of Mine..

Human - Books - Language - Fashion - Photography - Healthy Life - Movies - Scrabble - Charming Man - Petit Prince - Poetry - Writing - Cooking - Teaching - Studying - Traveling - Swimming - Smiling - Miracle - (and am always ready to continue the list).

"Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things."
(Denis Diderot)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Aku Ingin - Sapardi Djoko Damono

Aku diam. Ku berpikir. Boleh tidak mempersembahkan karya orang lain untuk seseorang? Entah.

Aku diam. Ku berpikir. Karya ini sungguh indah dan mewakili rasa, sungguhkah tak boleh? Entah.

Aku diam. Ku berpikir. Tak ada niat mengakui dan menjiplak, sungguh tak ada niatan. Boleh yah?

Aku diam. Ku berpikir. Bukan tak mungkin penulis lebih terharu mengetahui isi hatinya mewakili milikku juga.

Om Sapardi Djoko Damono, aku pinjam puisi indahnya, ya. Terima kasih.
Kepada yang terkasih, Syarif Maulana. Kupersembahkan untukmu.

Aku Ingin

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan kata yang tak sempat diucapkan kayu kepada api yang menjadikannya abu

Aku ingin mencintaimu dengan sederhana
dengan isyarat yang tak sempat disampaikan awan kepada hujan yang menjadikannya tiada.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Perpustakaan, Library, Bibliotheque and Us.

Ada yang baru di hidupku dan Nasto. We are now the member of CCF (Centre Culturel Francais) and LIA (Lembaga Indonesia Amerika) library, yay!! Nous nous sommes inscrites au mois de mei. Di CCF kami bisa meminjam buku dan film dalam bahasa Prancis, dan buku-buku berbahasa Inggris dan Indonesia di LIA. Dewi who is a loyal member of LIA library always join us. Et c'est toujours samedi, une fois par mois où nous y allons.

Sejak masa kuliah dulu, suasana CCF Salemba selalu mampu menghipnotisku. Calm, comfort, modern and the most important thing, I'm surrounded by books! Quel bonheur! Dari tiga CCF yang pernah kukunjungi; Salemba, Wijaya dan Purnawarman, ketiganya bertempat di rumah "tua". Not a gloomy house, but a warm white big house, so typically 80's houses. Des types des maisons que je voudrais bien avoir. Perpustakaan CCF di Salemba terdiri dari dua lantai, tempat favoritku di lantai dua. After chose the books, I take it upstairs, take a seat in a comfort black sofa, put headphone which play French music, and the world is mine. D'habitude je peux passer des heures là-bas, sauf si tout d'un coup il y a des autres visiteurs qui bougent trop. Meski tak terganggu oleh suaranya, tapi apapun yang bergerak seringkali meresahkan ketenangan membacaku. But usually there are not many people on Saturday morning. C'est pourquoi nous préférons d'y arriver des que la bibliothèque ouvre jusqu'au midi où habituellement on devient de plus en plus nombreux.

Setelah jeda makan siang dan sholat, lanjutlah kami ke LIA naik bajaj. FYI, LIA is not far from CCF, so it's really a good thing for us. Le bâtiment de LIA est grand et a l'air froid. Sungguh kebalikan dari CCF. The library is on the 4th floor and it also has two floors. Si celle de CCF est confortable et bien climatisée, ici on n'a pas des fauteils et il fait aussi un peu chaud à cause du climatiseur qui ne fonctionne pas bien, je pense. Karena itu lah kami tak menghabiskan banyak waktu di sana. Despite of spending time reading, we only look for books we like to borrow, have them scanned and go out straightaway. Et c'est des séries de Penguin Readers, mes préférés. Dan entah kebetulan atau tidak, ada dua orang petugas perpustakaan baik di CCF maupun LIA. Both of them are so really nice! Ca tellement me rend plus folie d'elles (des biblios).

Selain buku, aku pernah meminjam film di CCF. But since the time limit is only a week, I prefer to watch it there. Il y a aussi des télés qui présentent TV5, la chaine française. Pernah satu kali aku dan Nasto menontonnya. It was a quiz, arranging letters to a word. Le participant qui peut arranger un mot le plus long, il gagne. Kuis yang seru! We enjoyed it so much! Mais comme c'était l'heure, on ne l'a pas vue jusqu'à la fin.

Begitulah! The way we have fun. On aime beaucoup la bibliothèque, les livres, les films, les lettres, les mots, tous, tous!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jakarta, kampung saya.

Dalam perjalanan pulang dari rumah mama, calon mama mertua saya berkata, "Wah, nanti kamu gimana yah? Sudah terbiasa kemana-mana sendiri di Jakarta yang segede gini. Nanti di Bandung mah, ya situ-situ aja." Saya menjawab dengan berhehehe. Hehehehe yang artinya saya sendiri juga belum kebayang; apakah saya yang terbiasa sumpek dengan chaosnya Jakarta akan juga merasa sumpek dengan sempitnya Bandung? On verra!

Ibukota, yang semestinya sudah dipindah ke luar Jawa, entah sejak kapan sudah jadi kian menyesakkan. Dada ini sesak karena nasib tragis para pendatang yang saya baca di berita, sesak karena asap knalpot kendaraan yang jumlahnya bak garam di lautan, sesak karena kena AC siang malam (maklum hidup tanpa AC di Jakarta badan bisa lengket bau keringetan), sesak karena uang lekas habis setelah gajian (maklum kontrakan, listrik dan uang makan sungguh menguras uang).

Dalam perjalanan pulang dari Bandung, calon kakak ipar saya bertanya, "Kamu betah tinggal di Jakarta?" Saya jawab, "Sudah terbiasa dengan ritmenya, sudah tahan banting juga dengan tekanannya, tapi sadar kalau saya pantas hidup lebih baik dari ini." Insya Allah.

Jayakarta, nama dulunya. Dari bahasa Jawa yang artinya complete victory, kemenangan mutlak. Pernah dengar nama adalah doa? Mungkin karena bawa-bawa "menang", jadilah Jakarta ajang pertandingan, antara pintar dan bodoh, kaya dan miskin, sial dan beruntung, sarjana dan tak berijazah, cantik dan jelek, aktif dan pasif, rajin dan malas, sederhana dan sombong, pendatang dan warga asli, semua bertanding. Harus pilih kalah atau menang. Tak ada zona aman.

Di tengah bincang santai di rumah mama, calon tante saya bertanya, "Bener kamu mau pindah ke Bandung? Gapapa gitu ninggalin Jakarta?" Saya jawab, "Gapapa, sudah dari lahir juga di sini, kelamaan."

Betul, dua puluh delapan tahun lalu saya dilahirkan. Di sini, di kota ini. Enam tahun sesudahnya saya ingat setiap hari melewati jalan raya Pasar Minggu, pergi ke sekolah. Jalan yang saya lalui tiap hari hingga sepuluh tahun kemudian. Saya ingat jalan itu masih lengang, meski mikrolet, metro mini dan kopaja sudah bersliweran. Saya pun tak takut menyeberang, asal, pesan mama, hati-hati lihat dulu kiri kanan. Kini, sudah setahun saya melalui rute itu lagi, bedanya sekarang bukan ke sekolah tapi ke kantor. Sungguh mengerikan untuk menyeberang jalan, para pengendara seperti kerasukan Valentino Rossi dan lupa posisi rem. Jalan ini sekarang juga saya beri nama "jalur setan." Karena melewatinya sungguh buat saya emosian. Emosi jiwa karena macetnya sungguh luar biasa, masa saya langsung menaiki bis yang dalam posisi berhenti? Iya, berhenti. Dikarenakan macetnya sudah dari depan rumah saya dan terus sampai Pancoran. Kalau normalnya butuh lima belas menit, di hari kerja memakan waktu satu setengah jam. I knoooowww... sucks!

Calon suami saya pernah bertanya, "Nanti kita kalau lebaran gimana?" Saya jawab, "Digilir saja. Setahun di Bandung, berikutnya di Jakarta, begitu seterusnya." Waduh, akhirnya bisa ngerasain pulang kampung nih!

Lahir, besar dan berasal dari bapak asli Jakarta membuat saya terkungkung di sini sini saja. Memang, mama saya asli Sumatera. Jadilah saya dua kali merasakan pulang ke kampung mama. Tapi sebagian besar hidup saya ya di kota kelahiran saya. Beruntungnya setelah besar saya punya kesempatan ke luar kota, ke luar pulau dan ke luar negeri. Jika tidak, mungkin kotak pengalaman saya akan terkungkung juga. Kalau Lebaran saya ke rumah Mbah, tadinya di Jakarta dan sekarang di lingkar luar Jakarta. Depok, Jakarta coret. Enak sih, orang-orang pada ribet, kena macet, saya ongkang-ongkang kaki di Jakarta nan lengang. Tapi boleh dong saya sedikit iri? Iri pada mereka yang harus mengeluarkan effort besar untuk bertemu sanak keluarga. Iri karena libur Lebaran kian dinanti-nanti.

Aaaaahhh.. Jadi tak sabar tinggal di luar kota. Walau Bandung hanya sekepretan dari Jakarta, tetap saja beda KTP. Eh, KTP sudah nasional ya sekarang? Gosipnya. Meski luas Bandung hanya sepersekiannya Jakarta, tetap saja tempat baru buat saya. Meski Bandung juga kota besar layaknya Jakarta, tetap saja bukan ibukota. Meski Cipularang buat Jakarta-Bandung hanya berjarak dua jam, tetap saja namanya pulang kampung buat Lebaranan. Meski Jakarta sudah mengalir kental di darah saya, tetap saja tak sabar saya untuk meninggalkannya.

Jakarta oh Jakarta, bersiaplah menjadi kampung saya!

Friday, June 24, 2011

What are your favorite books?

This question comes from Jo, what are your favorite books?
Hhhmmm.. I suddenly listing on mind. Some books come immediately, some are just gone. But if we change the question, what is your favorite book? I can surely answer this. Petit Prince.

Little Prince, translated in English, Pangeran Kecil in Bahasa Indonesia. I firstly knew this book around my first year in university. There was a small bookstore near house where Dyence, Nasto and I, both are my besties, usually visited on our way back home. I forgot the store name, but it's a special bookstore which not only sell the bestsellers, but also the uncommoners. It's a type of signatured bookstore, like the one of Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail. Feel like i wanna have one in the future.

Back to that time, I found Pangeran Kecil there. Eye-catching, with a draw of the little prince in color. Seducing me with his lonely pose; standing alone as seeing the sky. No needed so long to think, I grabbed it. And it wasn't expensive, just like almost all books they sell there. May God bless the owner.

So there was I, hypnotized by the prince. Finally found my true friend. I still can't believe how Antoine de Saint-Exupery read me and write it so beautifully. That's how I feel about the book. And from that moment on, the prince, Exupery and I are friends.

People often talk a lot about their friends, right? So did I. I talked about them to Monsieur Carles, a french businessman to whom I worked as an interpreter. He said that he read and love it. It's one of a kind. Children and philosophy students read it. That is what we call a book for all. Hmm.. what a good remark, Monsieur!

This is the best part. Monsieur Carles sent me Petit Prince from France! See how three of us meant for each other! Lol! So I have him in Bahasa and French. And one day, iIfound him in English, so I bought it! Yay!!

Nasto asked me to collect it in many languages. A quoi ca sert, Nasto? Since I can only speak those three languages. Lol! O yes, since I spread the magic of Little Prince everywhere, I have one special person who truly fell for him.

My dear Syarif, please allow me to share your beautiful write.
You all, be prepared for the journey. And you my Little Prince, the trip is yours.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ibu, keajaiban dunia.

Tak perlu ku menunggu kesempatan menjadi ibu
Tuk bergidik menghirup keagunganmu
Tak sabar ku menanti hari ibu
Tuk menyebar sucinya kasihmu


Tuhan bersamaku.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Il pleure dans mon coeur

Celui ci, ce n'est pas mon œuvre. Mais celui de Paul Verlaine; un poète français de la fin de siècle. Ce poème, est un de mes préfères. Des que je l’ai écouté pour la première fois dans la classe de la littérature où mon chère professeur l’a lu, je l’admire. Simple, profond et blessé.

Il pleure dans mon cœur

Il pleure dans mon cœur

Comme il pleut sur la ville.

Quelle est cette langueur

Qui pénètre mon cœur ?

Ô bruit doux de la pluie

Par terre et sur les toits !

Pour un cœur qui s’ennuie,

Ô le chant de la pluie !

Il pleure sans raison

Dans ce cœur qui s’écœure.

Quoi ! Nulle trahison ?

Ce deuil est sans raison.

C’est bien la pire peine

De ne savoir pourquoi,

Sans amour et sans haine,

Mon cœur a tant de peine.

Paul Verlaine


Thursday, June 16, 2011


The world wasn't this cruel.
People weren't this blind.
Leaders weren't this deaf.
Media wasn't this fool.

The air wasn't this dirty.
Rivers weren't this dark.
The earth wasn't this hot.
The sky wasn't this gray.

Children's eyes weren't this sorrowful.
Young people weren't this disrespectful.
And I, wasn't this faithless to the future.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aujourd’hui, c’est à Yenq!

C’est jeudi ici, là bien sûr aussi.

C’est le seize juin au présent, l’anniversaire de quelqu’un.

C’est mon amie, ma meilleure amie.

C’est une fille, s’appelle Yenq.

Joyeux anniversaire, ma chérie.

Vois le soleil est bien éclairé.

Que ce jour soit beau, ma chérie.

Comme ces jours qu’on a passés.

Aujourd’hui c’est à toi.

Aujourd’hui tout le bonheur t’approchera.

Aujourd’hui nasto, dyence, dewo, karcut, boiq et moi volerons chez toi.

Aujourd’hui les anges seront occupés de noter nos prières, spéciales.

Que notre chère Yenq ait toujours de la bonne santé, des expériences superbes, des bonnes notes, des super repas, des petits amis charmants, de la paix d’âme, du succès, de l’amour et de la joie éternelle.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Hightech cellphone, introversion and I.

Nasto, a bestie of mine, once asked me whether I'm an introvert or extrovert person. I answered that I'm always kinda confused to categorize myself based on that. But today, I finally find the answer. Here it goes, Nasto.

I cant precise the year, but I remember that I was student that time. When Yahoo Messenger, also well known as YM, was a la mode, or it's still now? Dunno. Young people who started to use internet actively exchange their YM ID so that they can meet in their chat box. I don't know exactly how YM works, but my friends seem happy to communicate with others by using YM. While me, I wasn't interested to chat with others because I already have an intensive communication with people I want. So I wasn't a la mode.

Blackberry (BB) is a smart-phone which with it people not only can make a call and send sms, but also e-mailing and connecting to internet through mobile network service or Wi-Fi. It was released in 2003 and commonly use in Jakarta around 2006, as I remember. My friends, who are technology up-daters threw their conventional cellphone and started to use BB. And it didn't took so long for Jakarta people to follow the trend massively. I can see BB everywhere, in my house -mom and sister in law are two of the tech up-daters- at the office, mall, public transportation, even in public restroom -not the visitor, but the cleaning service officers.-

High tech means high price? Yes, it is. BB is an expensive stuff for me, from the launching and even 'till now. I was curious with "what make people adore it," so I asked them how they advantage their BB. Face-booking, BBM(Blackberry Messenger)-ing and chatting (most using YM). Hhmm.. not that interesting. But still, BB is a la mode!

My besties and I entered the working life since 2006. Since that we hardly arrange our time to hang out and update our news. Finding out that people out there are not so nice, we become more addicted one to other. Okay, we need to communicate intensively. We benefited phone call, sms and gtalk (Google messenger) at first, but since two of my besties live overseas, phone call and sms aren't recommended. So we become active skypers (Skype is also a messenger), we have conference chat almost every day and a video call sometimes. It's all for free! May God bless the inventor! Lol!

I connect to internet on work days and work hours only, by Wi-Fi in my office. So on weekend, I lost contact with my besties while the addiction grows more. Nasto and Karcut, who already use smart-phone (BB and i-phone), provoke me to buy it so that we can communicate whenever and wherever. Considering the need and the price, I decided not to buy it. It's still expensive for me though!

Until last week, I finally buy one -not BB neither i-phone- which is much cheaper! Yay! Samsung galaxy mini, my first smart-phone. Since I'm not a high-tech person, I need much time and concentration to learn using it. And communication problem solved! I'm online on skype most of time and we even find a new application, whatsup! It can connect BB, i-phone and other smart-phone with Android (this one you can googling) in it. I start to love tech! Lol!

With this phone, I can also be online in other social network and ready to chat. I was, for several first days. But no oh no, I can't help being online everywhere like others. When the phone beeps because of a "hi" from someone on my friend-list, I was panic. Feel I'm being forced to chat with him/her. Soooo uncomfortable! Now I realize that those who I want and need to communicate everyday are my besties and my boyfriend. They are more than enough to brighten up my days!

So Nasto, I'm online on skype, gtalk and whatsup where I can find you all there. And yes, I'm an introvert, dear! I'm not loner but I tend to have fewer numbers of friends, those who I believe are truly friends. I know that I have a good social skills, but I'm well energized by you all. Should I ask for more?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Me, the Santa Claus!

Menapak tilas ke siang hari beberapa tahun lalu di ruang BEMJ –Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Jurusan- Bahasa Prancis kampus kami. Di ruang tak berkarpet maupun berkursi itu, duduklah kami bertiga; Anast a.k.a. Nasto, Karien a.k.a. Karcut dan saya sendiri, Dega a.k.a. adaaaa aja!

Seingatku itu menjelang tahun terakhir kami di sana, walau kami tak lulus di tahun yang sama. Bertiga sudah mengenal satu sama lain dengan baik, apa adanya tanpa berpura-pura. Bukan hanya berbagi suka dan duka, nasi, lauk, keluarga, selimut, sabun, uang pun kami bagi bersama.

Dega: ”Kalau malaikat tiba-tiba dateng, bilang kalau hidup kita tinggal satu jam lagi. Kalian pada mau ngapain?”

Nasto: ”Hidih, serem bener loe, Gul!”

Dega: ”Ih, beneran ini. Kalian pada mau ngapain?”

Karcut: ”Gw gak demen ah, mainannya!”

Nasto: ”Kalo loe mau ngapain?”

Dega: ”Gw mau belanja hadiah dan gw kasih ke orang-orang yang gw sayang.”

Karcut: ”Oh, list yang loe bikin waktu itu yah?”

Dega: ”Hooh!”

Nasto: ”So sweet..”

Dega: “Kalo loe, Nasto?”

Nasto: ”Gw akan samperin orang-orang yang gw sayang, minta maaf dan bilang kalo gw sayang banget sama mereka semua.”

Dega: ”Hiks...”

Nasto: ”Jadi sedih.”

Dega: ”Iyah..”

Dega dan Nasto: ”Kalo loe, Crut?”

Karcut: ”Gw diem aja di sini!”

Dega dan Nasto: ”Kok??”

Karcut: ”Lagian mau ngapain? Emangnya satu jam cukup apa buat ngapa-ngapain? Lagian malaikat kenapa sih ngabarinnya udah satu jam lagi. Kenapa gak dari kemaren?”

Dega dan Nasto: ”.......................................................................................................”

Yes, she is one of a kind. =D =D

Oh iya, berikut list hadiah yang sudah kusiapkan dan telah direvisi baru-baru ini. La Voila!

Bapak : Bengkel sablon

Mama : A very wise husband

Aran Candra : Biaya sekolah S1

Mon petit Akbar : Asuransi pendidikan

Maimunah : Tiket umroh ke tanah suci

Putri Setya Anggraeni : Tiket konser Tuck and Patty

Dewi Chairunnisa : Laptop

Anastasia Khairunnisa : Air ticket Jakarta-Paris-Jakarta

Ekarini Saraswaty : A high quality man

Dian Septembriandini : Toko di ITC Cempaka Mas

Fauziah Yuni Satriana : Rumah di Bogor dekat makam Ade

Syarif Maulana : Tiket nonton piala dunia


Bercerita bersama sore - dua puluh enam

Malam, Sore.

Iya, ini malam. Kau pergi sudah. Tapi aku sungguh ingin bercerita, besok mungkin bisa langsung kau baca.

Subhanallah, Sore. Subhanallah. Hanya kata itu yang sanggup menggambarkan hati ini. Hati yang dipenuhi bunga-bunga kecil warna warni; kuning, putih, jingga juga merah. Kala angin berhembus dapat kau lihat serbuk-serbuk menari kecil menaburi mereka, sambil tercium itu wewangian yang bersahaja.

Sejujurnya, ada sedikit keraguan untuk membagi ceritaku ini, Sore sayang. Bukan, ini bukan rahasia orang. Hanya saja, aku khawatir keajaibannya akan berpendar menghilang dari rasa. Tapi ku kira tak apa, meski itu harus terjadi, harus terganti dengan senyum bahagia darimu, ya!

Kemarin tepatnya, dua puluh satu Mei dua ribu sebelas. Hari yang dengan gelisah terus kunanti dari awal tahun ini. Hari Sabtu berbunga kala dia, pria yang mengisi dua tahun bersamaku datang membawa keluarganya. Keluarga yang entah sejak kapan menjadi keluargaku juga walau belum ada gunting pita. Datang mereka sekeluarga, besar, jauh-jauh dari kota tetangga mengunjungi keluargaku, besar juga, di Depok rumah uwak. Tahukah kau kalau ari-ariku dikubur di rumah ini, Sore? Iya, ini kota kelahiranku, aku datang di rumah bidan tak jauh dari sini. Sungguh tempat bersejarah untuk menorehkan lanjutan sejarah, bukan? Alhamdulillah.

Siang nyaris tengah hari, empat mobil tiba di depan halaman kami, dengan Aran sebagai penunjuk jalan. Iya, Aran memang kami utus untuk menjemput rombongan di jalan utama kota guna mempermudah tamu yang sudah kami nantikan sedari pagi ini. Tamu yang buat kami sibuk mempersiapkan ini itu karena kami setuju dengan pesan Rasulullah untuk memuliakan para tamu. Keluargaku sontak ke halaman, berbaris rapi tanpa komando siap menyalami tiap orang. Aku, malah masuk ke dalam. Tiba-tiba kikuk bingung harus apa, harus bagaimana. Menemukan Chokim, sepupuku, di dalam kamar Mbah aku merasa mendapat pencerahan. Aku masuk ke sana, mendekati jendela dan Chokim yang sibuk menempelkan wajahnya sambil mengabsen tamu dengan matanya. ”Yang mana orangnya?” tanyanya. ”Bukannya udah pernah ketemu?” jawabku. ”Lupa.” ”Yang itu!” tunjukku. Sambil terus mengenalkan anggota rombongan lainnya dengan telunjukku. Lega.

A Yasin, adalah MC hari itu. Alih-alih langsung memulai acara, dia berinisiatif untuk mengajak semua orang sholat zuhur dulu; laki-laki di masjid, wanita di rumah. Menghindari menunda sholat, jelasnya. Sungguh keputusan yang bijaksana, batinku. Aku, masuk ke kamar uwak duduk di atas kasur bersama piring-piring kue yang menanti disajikan dari pagi. Bersama Ade, Ebi dan Tsabita; sepupu dan keponakanku. Kipas-kipas kami di sana, gerah, sambil bercengkrama memandang uwak lalu lalang mengambil mukena.

Semua sudah sholat, kewajiban tunai. A’Yasin membuka ulang acara, kami para wanita berestafet piring-piring berisi kue aneka rasa. Setelah disuruh ke depan yang entah oleh siapa, aku lupa, barulah aku duduk di ruang tamu yang sudah kami alasi dengan karpet-karpet dan sajadah. Rame di sana. Deg-degan, aku tak menyapu pandang ruangan. Tunduk saja, sesekali lihat ke kanan, Bi Nia. Setelah beberapa lama baru ku mendongak dan menebar senyum tipis.

Tsabita Nur Azizah, jagoan mengaji keluarga kami. Cilik tapi hafal surat An-Naba luar kepala. Dan mengajilah ia. Lalu A’Yasin mempersilahkan wakil keluarga tamu kami untuk menyampaikan maksud dan tujuan kedatangan mereka. And this is my favorite! Sang Papa lah yang berbicara langsung, tak diwakilkan. Beliau memperkenalkan anggota rombongan sambil berdiri di antara kami yang duduk, dengan santai, penuh canda dan menebar kehangatan. Dengan tak biasa, kemudian melanjutkan bercerita tentang kisah hubunganku dengan sang anak. Bernostalgia lah aku dibuatnya. Tidak, Sore. Aku tak mau menceritakannya sekarang, nanti saja. Cerita ditutup dengan kalimat tanya yang membuatku merasa sungguh berharga.

Om Yudi, favoritku, mewakili keluarga kami sebagai pemberi jawaban pada keluarga mereka. Berbekal kertas yang dicoret-coret sedari pagi, Om Yudi berhasil berkolaborasi menghangatkan suasana. Berbalut canda dan campuran bahasa Sunda, terjawablah sudah permintaan dari keluarga mereka tadi. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih wahai alam semesta.

Kami bungkus dengan doa, semoga semua berkah, semoga semua berbahagia, Amin. A’Yasin kemudian mempersilahkan kami semua ke meja makan, santap siang. Saat itu lah malaikat menebar serbuk cinta; Papa dan Mama calon suamiku datang menghampiri, tersenyum hangat, bahagia, seperti berkata, “Selamat datang di keluarga kami, Nak!” Kucium tangan mereka, bahagia.

Semua orang bersantap dengan lahapnya, yang kecil juga orang tua. Aku juga, tentu saja. Sambil berbagi cerita dalam kelompok-kelompok kecil, duh hangatnya. Para tamu pamit, setelah tiga jam kami bersama. Aku dan keluarga berdiri di teras, mengantar mereka sambil menebar senyum bahagia.

Kami semua sibuk membereskan rumah, piring-piring dan makanan yang ada. Orang-orang terlihat mondar-mandir, tak ada yang bertangan kosong. Di sana aku, berdiri di ruang tengah, menyapu pandang mereka yang bekerja sambil tertawa-tawa. Semua yang sibuk berlelah-lelah demi acara hari ini, demiku.

Teruntuk Mbah, Mang Isa dan Adik Rambi di surga. Semoga kalian ikut berbahagia bersamaku, bersama kami semua, keluarga.


Bercerita bersama sore - dua puluh lima

Sudah lama ya kita tak duduk santai bersama macam ini. Kapan terakhir kali? Ah.. tak ingat. Menenangkan; suara ibu-ibu tetangga yang ribut bercerita, angin sepoi menggoyangkan jemuranku, tapak adik-adik kecil saling mengejar, matahari yang beranjak pergi, rumah bersih dengan perabot baru yang dibeli siang tadi. Hhhmm...

Sebenarnya membeli mesin cuci adalah agenda kemarin, tapi aku segan sekali membeli sesuatu yang tak aku kuasai betul sendirian, Sore. Fyuuhh... Need a second opinion. Masa mau tanya ke mas-mas penjual saja? Pasti semua juga dibilang bagus. Ya kan? Sudah kuajak Dian, Dewi dan Anast; sudah punya acara semuanya. Ku bahkan coba menghubungi Muna, lebih parah lagi, Sabtu-Sabtu bekerja. Aiiisshh.. Jadi ditunda saja dulu.

Hingga tadi pagi, sedari bangun ku yakinkan diriku sendiri untuk tetap pergi dan membeli hari ini, jangan ditunda. Lebih cepat lebih baik, kalau kata pak JK. –kampanye terselubung- Oke, jadi urutannya begini; ke ATM di seberang jalan, karena toko elektronik di pasar hanya menerima uang tunai. Lalu naik bis ke pasar dan masuk ke komplek toko-toko elektronik, jangan galau, pilih saja toko dengan pajangan mesin cuci terbanyak. Masuk ke dalam toko dengan cool, jangan terlalu menunjukkan minat. Tawar harga dengan santai, jangan banyak bicara a la ibu-ibu, pasti lebih sulit diturunin harganya. Kalau digoda dengan alasan-alasan membuai, katakan saja uangnya tak cukup. Pastikan kapasitas listrik yang dibutuhkan tidak terlalu besar dan merk setidaknya sudah dikenal. Jangan sok-sokan tanya harga merk Eropa, cuma bikin sakit hati saja. Kalau sudah deal harga mesin cuci, baru tanyakan dvd player. Cari warna hitam, biar matching sama tv. Jangan belaga tanya harga barang lain, godaan pasti lebih besar dan buntutnya dibeli padahal tidak masuk daftar.

La voila! Kudapat mesin cuci ber-merk Jepang ukuran 10 kg dengan harga sesuai rencana. Ada sisa uang, kubeli itu dvd player –sebenarnya bisa dapat dengan harga lebih murah, tapi lagi mood bagi-bagi rezeki sama si masnya- ber-merk dan warna sesuai rencana. Kubayar, tunai, macam mas kawin saja. Kuberi kertas bertuliskan alamat rumah serta nomor hp, kali-kali alamatku sulit dicari. Kuminum segelas aqua, servis dari si mas. Lalu pamit, tak lupa berterima kasih.

Huwaaahh.. senangnya, puasnya. Itu kali pertama aku beli elektronik di tempat yang harus tawar menawar, sendiri. Keren kan, Sore?

”Ah, si mbak ini pinter amat nawarnya,” keluh si mas putus asa.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

To all the girls I love

To all the girls I love,

It is you, who were holding my hand tight, when I closed to down.

It is you, who dropped more tears, when I was sad.

It is you, who hardly fell to sleep, when my heart was aching.

It is you, who thought for me, when I had no effort to.

It is you, who brought me sunshine, when my skies were totally dark.

It is you, who made me smile, when nothing were going right.

It is you, who made me laugh to cry, when my heart was bleeding.

It is you, who never left me alone, when everybody did.

It is you, who I want to live with, now and forever more.

It is you, who I wish to call out, anytime I want to.

It is you, who I love to share all happiness in the world.

It is you, who I desire to be with, when a man that I love asks my hand.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To all daddy in the world.

Dearest all daddy in the world,

Somehow, no matter what happened between us, we, children know that you always love us.
Somehow, even rain didn't drop for years, we always know that we are the center of your universe.
Somehow, when you have another woman beside you, we believe that we are always be special.
Somehow, the farer we go, the more you get closer with us.

To man that we call dad from our born,

We always try to respect you, even it's so hard to.
So please, respect our mom and we will give every bow to you.
We never want to put hateness between us.
So please, love our mom and we will love you will all our heart.

Just like Adam and Eve; Romeo and Juliet, Sartre and Beauvoir, Muhammad and Khadijah.
You both will always be our beloved Mom and Dad.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bercerita bersama sore – dua puluh empat

Hola, Sore! Sini! Aku lagi main, nih! Lagi seru. Kamu aja deh yang ke sini! Sini, duduk di sampingku. Manis-manis.

Ini mainanku setiap hari, Sore. Setibanya di kantor, kubuka semua jendela maya yang kubutuhkan selama sehari bekerja. Ada gmail, office mail, detik, blogspot, radio streaming, google dan facebook. Ah, facebook! Yup. Alih-alih melarang karyawannya “bermain” facebook di kantor, kantorku membebaskan semuanya untuk berselancar dengan merdeka. Asal, pekerjaan beres semua. Sudah bosan sejujurnya memiliki akun facebook, bosan. Fyuuhh.. Sungguh membosankan mengetahui apa yang sedang temanku kerjakan, siapa yang masih berpasangan, seberapa tenar mereka mengacu pada jumlah teman yang ada, bla bla bla.. bla bla bla.. Sooo boring!

Terus kenapa masih punya akun? Hihi.. For only one reason, scrabble! Yup, scrabble. Permainan, kalau bisa dibilang sebuah permainan, dengan huruf-huruf tak bermakna sampai mereka dirangkai hingga menjadi bermakna. Ada yang bernilai satu hingga sepuluh! Kusuka X, Z, Q juga W, Y, J dan S. Eh, ini scrabble bahasa Inggris yah! Mau coba juga sih yang Indonesia dan Prancis. Ada tidak yah?

Kali pertama kenal scrabble waktu itu, kecil, SD sepertinya. Waktu itu aku menginap di rumah sepupu, di masa liburan sekolah. Ada itu papan lucu, digelar di karpet. Kotak-kotak kecil tempat huruf tertempel dengan angka kecil tertulis di bawahnya. Juga sandaran huruf seperti kursi taman, memanjang. Setelah melihat bagaimana perlengkapan tadi dimainkan, dua sepupuku mengundangku serta dalam permainan. Pilih tujuh huruf, katanya. Salah, ambil tujuh kotak bertuliskan huruf yang sudah ditelungkupkan. Kuambil dan kududukan di bangku taman. Lalu mulai lah kami bergantian menidurkan kotak-kotak tadi di papan, sambil merangkai kata, tentu saja.

Mudah saja, tiap huruf harus berjalinan, bak rantai, tak boleh terputus. Tak ada batasan jumlah huruf yang ditidurkan di papan, boleh satu, apalagi tujuh. Ada tambahan nilai kalau semua huruf kita berhasil ditidurkan. Lima puluh. Oh iya, cara menghitung nilai tiap kata yang kita susun mudah saja. Papan scrabble terdiri atas kotak-kotak yang sudah tercetak sempurna, dengan warna, bintang, dan tanda-tanda yang bermakna. Hijau; jumlahkan angka-angka pada huruf yang menjalin satu kata yang kita susun. Biru muda; jangan lupa untuk huruf yang terbaring di atasnya dikalikan dua. Biru tua; dikalikan tiga. Oranye; jumlah poin dari kata tersebut dikalikan dua. Merah; dikalikan tiga. Jikalau dalam satu giliran kita bisa membentuk dua kata, maka total kata pertama dijumlah dengan kata kedua. Begitu seterusnya.

Main scrabble di facebook, sudah seribu dua ratus empat puluh dua kali. Haha! Itu terekam, Sore! Makanya aku bisa tahu dengan persis. Dengan persentase empat puluh tujuh persen kemenangan dan sisanya kalah. Skor tertinggiku tiga ratus sembilan puluh lima. Kata terbaik yang bernah kubuat SQUIT, delapan puluh satu poin. Artinya nonsense atau diare dalam bahasa slang. Keren gak sih?

Kau tahu? Bahkan aku punya teman baru yang kukenal lewat scrabble ini. Jaya, namanya. He is also a scrabble mania. Tak sengaja kami bertemu di beberapa partai, akhirnya chat. Oh iya, di samping papan scrabble ada kotak tempat chat dengan pemain lain yang dibaliknya juga ada kamus sederhana untuk kata-kata yang dapat dibentuk dengan dua huruf saja. Jadilah sambil bermain seringkali kami chat. Sama-sama orang Indonesia ternyata. Jago, si Jaya ini, Sore! Benar, persis ayam. Haha.. Kalau jalannya diblokir sama pemain lain, biasanya kami ikut partai berempat, dia akan memberiku jalan. Jadi, daripada membiarkan pemain lain menang, yang biasanya dari negara lain, dia akan membiarkanku menang. Asik, kan?

Saking seringnya chat dan scrabble-an, akhirnya kami pun berkawan, di facebook. Kami saling tahu informasi umum masing-masing. Dan alih-alih terus-terusan bertemu di partai empatan, kami seringkali bermain scrabble berdua. Dan pastinya, hampir selalu dia yang menang. Hahaha...

Jadi begitu, Sore. Kalau ditanya apa permainan favoritku? Kau sudah tahu jawabannya! *wink*