Monday, September 19, 2011

From cousinhood to neighbourhood

I love the title there!

Do you know why family can tie you no mater how far you go? Cos its blood. Indeed! That's why people say 'blood is thicker than water.' In my experience, no mater how hard we deny our root, the life will spinning and spinning to a circle and bring us back to the root, and all you can do is just say 'bye' to the highest leaf.

Do you know why friendship is one of the biggest miracle on earth? Cos it needs no blood. Indeed! Frank Crane even say 'a friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself." In my experience too, once we found our true friend, never be careless to tie her/him up to you. Because a friend, will always come to you, light you, smile and even cry for you, no matter how fast the life is spinning around.

Do you know that a friend in family is priceless? It is. Indeed! You have the thickness of the same blood and a person to be together with in light and dark moments. Just because, she never wants to live her life without you. Because this friend, is always looking for you to share her day, to wipe her tears, and to laugh the stupidity she made. I have one.

Do you know a girl named Upie? No, she's no longer a girl, a woman now. I call her T'Upiel. T is from teteh, an appellation for older girl in Sundanese. Upiel is from Palupi, her name. I make that nickname. *wink* She is a dearest cousin of mine, a little older than me. (How nice I am, I put 'a little older there, Lol!) She is a friend of mine too. In the third category I described up there. I know, how lucky I am, right?

Do you know that last weekend she added a new label in my life? A neighbor. Looks like two are not enough for her! Lol! Hardly looked for a house to rent for weeks, finally we found an available small house that she desires which is only separated two doors from mine. That is coincidence! True. After some administration steps, she moved there; she and her husband. Yay!

Do you know how it feels? Well I just know it. A strange good feeling, to always be near.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And I'm, rejected!

As I planned on my resolution's list, I'm about to donate my blood four times this year. Do you know that our body need at least three months to be healed after the donation? That's according to the doctors who I surely don't remember the name. Those who do the check up things before we donate.

It went well on February and June, but yesterday, after three months and two days since my last donation, an unexpected thing happened. As usually, after giving the donor card and signing a form, I have my health checked by a doctor. That day, by doctors; a woman and a man. My weight was measured, my blood pressure was checked, both are okay. And then my blood PH; the doctor will take some blood from my finger, put it in a little straw (What? For me it is a straw!), and drop it to a bowl where there is a blue liquid. If your blood PH is good, your blood will drown in. But if not, then you need more calcium. Mine, they drown for a second and then floating. Lol!

The doctors asked if I eat well lately, I did! Did I eat enough meat? Come on, what else do we eat in Lebaran? So, they suggested me to consume vitamin for blood and eat more fresh meat and veggie to have enough calcium. And come back after three days.

Beware, an omnivore is having a deadline here! Lol!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's two pieces!

Yesterday, I worked out after work and continued with swimming. You know that I prefer to swim at night than in the morning? Yes, I do! Less light, less heat and less crowd. Lovely! If I want to swim, I don't go to the closest gym to the office cause it doesn't have any pool. The one who has it is near Dyence's office, my bestie. Not far, only about 15 minutes to go there, by bus.

Here's the timetable; Arrived there at 5.20 pm and started to work out around 5.30 until 6.10, I prayed maghrib and changed the outfit for about 20 minutes. Continued to swim from 6.30 until 7.00, after that I needed 30 minutes to take a warm bath, change clothes and pack my things. And the night is wrapped with cup of tea, biscuits and a little chat with Sakti, my gym partner.

O, that's not the point! All I wanna share is about my swimsuit last night. Lol! Me started to swim since my childhood. It was my dear mom who introduced this best sport in universe. Okay I'm biased, sorry. She bought me a one piece blue strips swimsuit, a very nice one. I wore it to learn swimming in a sport club where she registered me when I was six. We went there twice a week. I looked so gorgeous with that blue strips suit and a blue mini buoy! ;p

I couldn't get in to that suit again when I was in junior high school. And mom bought me a new one, it was red, with three colors of strip at front. Not really like it cause the model is so common. Sorry, mom! Fortunately that suit didn't last long, I accidentally ironed the skirt. Lol! Accidentally I said, accidentally. And I separated with that poor red swimsuit.

Since that, I borrowed my auntie's or my bestie's swimsuit when I swam. I know, that wasn't cool and hygiene. But, what can I say? Lack of money, that was the only reason. But o but, on my second year on work world, I finally bought a swimsuit by my own money. Yay! I chose a one piece suit on leopard motif. Aaauummm... I wear it with a big confidence of my body shape on that while on TV and magazines, ladies nowadays wear more and more bikini in pool. And I found that hot!

And my dearest Karcut, another bestie of mine, answered it. She bought me a bikini, a beautiful one! O gosh! It's two pieces swimsuit with another piece of (something like) skirt to cover my body on my way to pool, all in rainbow's motif. Love it! O, I should've took a picture of it! Later, kay! I intend to wear that in Phuket. Yaaayy!! It's about one more month and two weeks. Can't wait! Really can't wait, so I wore it last night at the pool. Kekekee.. Somehow, the B makes me feel so light and hot. (No curse, please..)

It's two pieces and makes me look like hotties! *finger crossed*

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What u r up to?

Hey yo all!
Quoi de neuf? It's been a loooooooonnnggg time since my last post here. No other reason except my laziness. If 'not in the mood' doesn't counted as a reason. Lol!

What you all are up to? Me, have numbers of things to do on my list until next February. But before I share it, I wish to greet people in my life.

To my dear Karcut; Your backpack arrive already! Our holiday comes closer, darling! Yaaayy!!
To dearest Sarap; Miss you already, even when you haven't reached the airport yet! Lol! Tell my warm greeting to Seoul! Annyeong!!
To Yenq cherie; O please contact me ASAP, have a great job offer here, darling! ;)
To Bastien; Bonne chance for your 1st day at work! Break a leg! ^^V

My Ramadhan passed smoothly, Alhamdulillah. I wasn't sick, really fit indeed, just not like my precedents Ramadhan. I won't share much about it, prefer it to be our secret, just me and Ramadhan. =)

Despite of the cookies sale which isn't as good as last year, my Lebaran is still an extraordinary one. Thanks to Indonesian government. Lol! Well okay, no need to discuss it more. The most important thing is just, you, me, Lebaran peacefully!

And my days after Lebaran is colored with marriage preparation. Tiring yet fun! I know that I'm not a detail person, but since it's my marriage, my effort has to be all out. But no, I have a great team also! ;) After started with the venue and vendors, finally yesterday the gown and theme have been chosen, the decor and food also. Now we continue with crazy little things called details. Aiisshh.. Courage! *and now I salute to all woman who manage their wedding by their own self*

What else? O, future career! Since I'm a self motivated type, I'm still keeping that fire of scholarship. Checked the Erasmus Mundus site, probably they will open the new recruitment this October. Monsieur Jimmy agreed to give me his letter of recommendation. Yaaayy!! so I still have time while asking one more professor. Semangat!!! ^^V

Btw, have I told you that after marriage I will move to another city? Yes, I will! Leaving this biggest city where I was born and always live is such a big decision I made. Scared? Nope. I'm just preparing for the changes and the new rhythm I will have there. O, after Lebaran I accidentally met a lady who work at CCF in that city and she suggested me to send my CV there. Hope I can make it!

So those are my 'to do' list. Wish me a good luck, guys!
Now tell me yours!