Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saya ya saya, mereka ya mereka

Mereka bilang rambut ikal sudah tak zaman lagi, saya bilang yang penting asli.

Mereka bilang badan saya gemuk bagai babi, saya bilang seksi berisi.

Mereka bilang jam tangan besar tak pantas di tangan, saya bilang sesuai dengan angan-angan.

Mereka bilang celana ¾ seperti kebanjiran, saya bilang kenapa setelah jadi in malah ikutan.

Mereka bilang gonta-ganti warna rambut seperti alay saja, saya bilang tak perlu pusing toh ini rambut saya.

Mereka bilang pacaran dengan bule pasti hilang keperawanan, saya bilang itu urusan saya dengan Tuhan.

Mereka bilang pakai sepatu boots seperti satpam, memalukan; saya bilang ini yang namanya berjodoh dengan impian.

Mereka bilang belajar bahasa mau jadi apa, saya bilang jadi apa saja yang penting tidak berhubungan dengan angka.

Saya ya saya.

Mereka ya mereka.

Saya suka melakukan apa yang saya suka.

Mereka lakukan saja apa yang mereka suka.

Mereka ya mereka.

Saya ya saya.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tanya kakiku

Tanya kakiku, bagaimana tulang-tulang yang menonjol pipih itu senantiasa kuat bertahan lurus, bagaimana otot-otot hijaunya kuat memapah tak pecah, bagaimana kulit tipis berbulu yang tampak ringkih tak sedikitpun tergores perih!

Berikut, jawabnya. Tulang-tulang yang terlihat menonjol itu hanya sedikit dari pasukan baris depan. Menempel di bagian dalam bersama mereka, tulang-tulang kekar anti goyah terbuat dari doa yang tak henti dikirim setiap hari; membasahi sum-sum dan darah. Otot-otot hijau bergetar tak gentar mengalirkan darah penghangat hati, buah karya kata-kata indah dari orang-orang tercinta. Kulit tipis berbulu sedikit memang sobek terkadang, tapi jangan khawatir, akan selalu terjahit rapi hingga tak berbekas sama sekali berkat jarum dan benang sentuhan kasih sayang yang tak henti menggetarkan.

Tanya saja kakiku.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Menyetrika dan nonton drama korea

Bekerja dan ber-scrabble ria

Buang hajat dan mencari inspirasi

Naik bis dan membaca

Sarapan dan membaca berita

Mandi dan bernyanyi

Lalalalala, sepertinya saya sudah jadi mak comblang mereka!

When age isn’t just a number

Ask my age, and you’ll find that I need some seconds to count. My birth year minus present year equals my age. It’s a universal formula, right? All I wanna say is that I never remember my age in mind. Actually it shows that age is not important for me. I mean it, not in order to pretend my growing ages. But somehow life teaches me that maturity never been parallel with age. So, age is just a number!

When I talk to a friend about someone else and he or she ask me about that person’s age, I am definitely will get confused. I don’t know how to classify or define someone’s age by her or his physic or performance. Yup, I’m that bad! Lol.

Talking about age, I remember one day on Oprah show; she said that she never wanted to be operated to look younger. For her, every wrinkle and face mark has their own story. And she never wanted to erase them cause it means that at the same time she erase her past historical story. What an enlightening thought! Even though I can’t afford a plastic surgery, I will never want to be operated in order to look younger. Go Oprah!

Well actually a year ago I started to try to remember my age because I found out that people always asked about it. It’s a rhetorical question, I know. Instead of asking me, “When will you get married?” they prefer, “How old are you now?” Lol! You know why? It’s because recently Indonesian woman usually get married around 25 to 28 years old. If a woman reach 30 and you are still single, be alert then! People will think that there must be something wrong with you. Lol! Funny but true!

I am twenty seven now and will be twenty eight soon. No problem with that, at all. I even feel sexier! *wink*But today, I see that age isn’t just a number in professional life. What do I mean? I was searching for a job vacancy; I found some that are very interesting; a newspaper reporter, a teacher, a public relation officer, etc. But guess what? One of the requirement is; not more that twenty six year old. Lol! It was my age a year ago!

Face the reality, girl! I asked my boss about that common requirement. He explained that more than twenty six year old is no longer a productive age. Yeah..yeah… How can you generalize that! Well by the way, I’m not frustrating founding that issue. I’m just amaze. How an age can decide your opportunity.

Fortunately I’m having Anastasia, one of my gals. She is twenty six and looking for a new job. So I called her and transferred all the vacancy info. She is so enthusiast. Here it comes, companies! Be ready for a twenty six year old girl who will come to your doors soon! Rock them all, Nasto! And don’t forget to say it loud, “Hi, sir! My name is Anastasia and I’m twenty six year old!” Lol!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Passion's resolutions

So here we are, on the sixth day of January, one of my favorite months. It has a good spirit, isn’t it? Since I am an organized person type, I listed my big plans or goals for a coming year on December, the closing month. Also one of my favorite months! But not this time, I was occupied with a lot of tasks at the office and continue with several agendas on Christmas and New Year’s holiday. But still, better be late then never, right?

Here are my passion’s resolutions for two thousand and eleven; I will be twenty eight, by the way! *wink*

Started with the biggest one; marriage. Yup! Everybody said it is the time! And I agree. Case closed. Would you all mind pray for me so that everything’s will come smoothly as God and the universe walk on my side? Thank you, I really appreciate that.

Next is another backpacking’s time! Yes, it’s also the time! Since I didn’t have any last year. Hiks. So far, Karcut, Nasto and I will go for diving, snorkeling, sun bathing, photo hunting and of course gastronomy tasting in Bali and Lombok. Yahouuu!!! Slowly but sure, that is our motto. Karcut has started preparing for her trip to Jakarta (she stays in Sydney now) and also for her visa. Nasto and I will buy our air tickets next month. Semangat! By the way, nothing can compare to a big trip with my gals! *wink*

I miss my grandpa so much, but he already passed away. May he rest in peace now, Amen. I tried to interpret his “coming” and I think I get his message now. Our family should gather more. Honestly, yes, we are occupied with our life, with all stuff except our family. I know, sad isn’t it? Not anymore. I have texted my family and we are planning to do some “arisan” every two months and we will gather constantly. Amen. Kinda miss you all, cousins..

This one, I’m not really sure. But I think its fine to write it down. Sometimes we have the faith after we read our idée written, right? A motorcycle. Yes, motorcycle. Instead of paying a big sum of money to a man who drive me (home-office-home), my sister in law and my little brother told me that it would be better if I use that money to credit a motorcycle. But I can’t drive it, I replied. No problem, he said, I can teach you. Well financially, it’s such a great idea. In reality, do you know that Jakarta’s traffic is such a hell? Fyuh.. let me think it over.

Continue the precedent year’s resolutions, three times of blood donation. I’m an active blood donator since two years. Thanks to my colleagues who are encouraging me to start it. Hey, I think you all should do the same. It feels really good, trust me! No, not the needle’s thing of course, but after you did it; there will be a good feeling in your heart. I often amaze how such a little thing can help people. Come on! Let’s start everybody. There’s no reason to not participate. Blood donation is good for our health, also for our heart!

Okay, last but not least, C1. Even I haven’t seen any progress with my French, but still I have to try. It will be on June, the test. Even remembering it feels so hard. Lol! No, no, no, I should fight the pessimistic feeling! Semangat! Riri, Oskar, Sakti, we have to study more and more! And you Bastien, yes you, keep your promise to help me practicing. Let’s skyping! And C1, I’m coming!

p.s. (I love having a p.s. since I watched p.s. I love you. Lol!) Another resolution in mind, I should fight all the negative feeling that usually comes in many forms. Change it to a very positive energy, okay Dega? Okay. Semangat!

What are your resolutions, guys? Do you mind to share? *wink wink*

Happy New Year!

Hola! Happy New Year, everybody! Bonne année!

How was your 2011 welcoming party? Was it fun? I’m sure it was, right? Me, I had no party. Not interested to have it, this time. I know, I guess something’s wrong with me! Haha.. Or this is what people call the “a factor”; age. Lol!

Even though I didn’t throw a New Year party, but I didn’t passed it alone. I went to Bandung; my baby’s mom invited me. So there was I, in their warm house. FYI, I always love being there, such a lovely house and a very warm family! On the last night of 2010, I was so damn tired, after my bath I was accidentally sleeping in an uncomfortable pose. Well, that happens sometimes, right? It was 8 p.m. and I didn’t have a dream at all along the night. What a peaceful sleep. I was woken up at 9 a.m. by people’s chat in the dining room. And voila, Happy New Year, Dega!

Why I could be that tired? Here’s the answer. We, my baby and I were up to something big on the last two days of 2010. What making us that busy? Hmmm.. Have I told you that I love photography? Yup, I love taking pictures. What kind of pictures? Anything. But I’m still not very good in capturing human. Need more practices.

One day, Tatum, a friend of mine published her photo-web on her wall. I checked it and I found it was so damn cool! Inspired by her, I started to classify my photos, chose some that are better than others, put on some albums and named them. After that, we learnt the web, My baby said that it’s such a great web, because he found that the program facilitate us so well. Due to several internet problems, we finally can upload all photos. And it was his task after that; editing, designing, choosing songs for the back sounds, and everything else that is so complicated for me. Hehe.. Thank you my beloved editor!

It was soooooo beautiful, my photo web. You don’t trust me? Please take a look!

Please enjoy!

p.s. Have a dazzling year, everybody!

Gros bisous!!