Sunday, October 31, 2010

Skirt, eye liner and beautiful nails

Nasto, on a game, asked me if I reborn which gender do I want to be; male or female?

I said, female for sure.

She replied, why?

So easy to explain, I just can’t imagine living only with pants, no skirt, neither dress. Oh what a hell!

She said she agreed with me while laughing. What a torture, long pants, short pants, long, short, long, short.

Lol! I guess that’s the reason why woman apparently a lot more attractive than man. They have various things to cover their body. They even will be so damn attractive when they don’t cover it all.

Another thing, Nasto, I added; I love eye liner! Put it in the morning, and we will look fresh all day.

Me too, adore it! She said. Another common we found.

And I found it’s disgusting when a man apply it on his eyes. Iyaks..

Sorry for the rockers and Japanese plus Korean boy band. ^^V

And last night I just found another dazzling thing being a woman; beautiful nails!

Treated my self with a manicure and pedicure treatment last week-end, I couldn’t stop adoring my nails.

No exaggerating, it’s true.

I started to stare on them, again an again.

How come I didn’t have those kinds of treatments since I was a little girl?

Momma, how could you?

But no, can’t blame her of course, since she just newly introduced to manicure and pedicure.

Well, we better be late than never, mom!

Back to the nails, I have my nails so shiny and glossy, without any kind of nail coat!

So last night, I putted some color coat to my shiny nails.

The color is, hhmmm, I guess its soft pink.

And guess what? In the elevator, restroom mirror, office door, someone’s car window, I’m showing off my beautiful colored nails while pretending tiding up my pony. Do we use that expression? Tiding up my pony?

Hahaha.. Don’t know.

Just correct me if I start making new expression, ok?

La voila! Now you find out, guys!

Why us, woman; if Nasto and I can talk on behalf all woman, LOVE BEING A WOMAN.

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