Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our French class

It’s a new routine for me, started a month ago; we have a weekly French class. When I say we, it refers to Oscar, Sakti and I. Based on the same needs of practicing and memorizing our French language, we study together for about 3 hours a week. Do you know that sometimes we just need a higher goal in order to get a bigger motivation? No? So you just knew it now. We found and declared our highest goal on a first class; achieve C1 and B2 for Oscar.

Do you have an idea of what I’m talking about? Ok, just like the other language, French also have an international standard of language proficiency certifications, named DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française) and DALF (Diplôme approfondi de la langue française). The first one certifies that the holder has the basic competency in French and an autonomous knowledge of French, the second one guarantee that the holder has an extensive knowledge of French language and mastered advanced levels of expression in special areas of study. C1, which Sakti and I will follow, is part of DALF test, and B2 is in DELF test. Having a different level of goal doesn’t put some difficulties for us, since B2 and C1 is just one level apart.

So there we are, in a café taking our dinner while presenting and discussing a subject that we prepared before. I can say that speaking French after a long time being a passive speaker is not easy at all. Having so much idea in my head and so little vocabularies at the same time really drives me crazy. But nothing can stop me to find the rainbow’s end! Oh, really love that expression!

After a month, we finally can find our rhythm. Sakti and I think that we really need a lot of reading and speaking exercises before we come up with the synthèse writing process. While Oscarlita, he found that he desperately needs a lot of grammaire exercises before starting discussing in French. Despite the different needs, we let him prepare those grammaire exercises for his good sake. And us, we continue doing the presentation and the discussion since we won’t face grammatical exercises in DELF and DALF test. But yeah, still, good grammaire will lead us to a good writing. Make sense. Keep up the good work, Oscarlita!

Last night, we have a new class member, Riri. Being a French teacher in an international school makes her a good active French speaker. What a chance for us! On her first participation, she brought an article that she usually discusses for the 10th class, which also she believes a lot more difficult than the articles that Sakti and I brought. Huhu, right time to increase the level, guys!

So starting next week, we will discuss a harder subject based on an article which is more difficult to understand. Don’t let 10th class student tease us, guys! Haha! Self motivation plus practices equal achievement. That’s our new formula. Hey! Why am I writing in Englissshhh???

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