Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Twinkle little star

One day, on a business trip with some colleagues from other departments, I was trapped in a situation where everybody there should tell a simple story in order to get better know each other. And there we were, in a Hawaiian restaurant, enjoying our cocktail. I have no story to share, my mind said. “It’s better if it’s a funny story,” one said. Oh yeah, I don’t even have one which is not funny at all! Fyyuuuhhh.. I hate business trip! Shouldn’t we just do the business thing here?

All I remember is just the scene of people talking and laughing. While me, I was trapped in my own mind, tried to find a story that I can share. My turn finally came; “Aaaa… ooo… mmm… I don’t have any story to share, guys.” They were disappointed, I should have one, they forced. “Mmmm… I really don’t have one. I’m so sorry. I’m a typical of story listeners than tellers,” I explained. It was just my trick, they said. Ouf! Why it was so hard to convincing them than my little nieces? How I love children than the adults.

“I guess its fine, guys! Not everybody can tell a good story. I agree with her.” Hey! Who is that, an angel? I turned my head left, there were he, wearing a red shirt with a white cap on his head. Cool. I smiled, thanking him; he smiled back to me, welcoming. “Hmm.. but some people are a very good singer,” he proposed while winking. Guess he is an angel! Why a savior can be so cute at a same time? Dear God. “Hmmm.. hhhmm… well I can try. I’m surely not a good singer, but I think I still can do it better than tell a story.” Everybody was clapping their hand; good. I stood up, tried to clear my throat first. “Ok, don’t hesitate to stop me if you feel like hell, okay?” I reminded them. “Ok!” everybody agreed.

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in a star

Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

I sang, seriously. I saw people laugh, happily. Hey! It’s even better than a funny story! My mind said. In the middle of my song, I looked to the left, fast. And I saw him, my angel, laughing so loud while moving his body back. I smiled. But wait a second; I don’t look like a clown now, right? Hmm.. I don’t think so. I repeated my favorite song once again, since it’s a very short song. And finally I finished it. People were applauding and clapping their hands. Good job! Hmm.. I kinda start to like business trip, I guess.

“Hey little star!” a voice form my back when I putted diner salad on my plate. Oh, it was him! I just smiled, speechless. “I don’t know that star eat salad.” Is he seducing me? Well I hope so. “Star even eat steak sometime, depends on her mood.” I replied. Am I seducing him? Sure. “Hahahaha… She seems doesn’t like diet thing, hein?” “Hahahahaa…” we laughed and after that we ate our dinner in a same table and spent that night with champagne until the restaurant closed.

The morning came and I enjoyed the sunshine from my window. No, I didn’t have him beside me on my bed. Come on, it’s not a Hollywood movie, guys! He went back to his room while I rested in mine. But yes, it was bloody fun last night. He is a very nice man to chat with. Her wife must be very lucky having him in her life. Oh yes, he is married, girls. I’m so sorry. Hahahaa.. Why didn’t I have a one night stand with him? No, no, no. I’m not that kind of girl, not anymore. In fact, I did once, two years ago, with a man that I call husband now.