Thursday, November 4, 2010


When I first came to PTEN, the company where I spend 9 hours a day, more than three years ago, my weight was about 42 kg. I was one of the girls who had a problem with their weight; I just couldn’t increase it since years. So there I was, entered one of the skyscraper in Jakarta wearing one of my best work suite and a nice high-heels.

And this morning, guess it was nearly thousand times I passed the building gate; I wore a shirt and skirt which their colors are far from what we call shiny and a pair of slippers. Yup, I wear slippers lately, wherever I go. Isn’t it good remembering the dangerous side of high-heels? Hah, just a justification I made! Lol.

I reached elevator to go to 18th level and stayed calm inside for couple of minutes. Do you know that our elevator here work very fast? It only takes about one minute to reach 18th level without stopping. While waiting, I usually checking my hair and clothes through the elevator wall that can reflects us like a mirror. And guess what? I found a big reflection of my self. I mean it, big; big cheek, big stomach and also big hand. And my cute big cheek starts to hide my tiny chin now. Haissshh…

Am I exaggerating? Yes, I am. Hehehe.. I’m not that big, I know. But, compared with three years ago, I’m distended! Oh! Now I know why my zipper always going down every time I seat! Haha! I gained weight and I didn’t work out. I did, but about once a month. Can we call it a work out though?

Are you curious how much is my weight now? No? Sorry, only yes answer is accepted. I’m 52 kg now! Yahoo!! Isn’t that an accomplishment, guys? I gained 10 kg in three and a half year. And I’m asking you all now, is it normal? Come on! I’m serious. Is it normal? Did I gain too much? Should I start a diet?

Sorry, need a little pause, my zipper is going down (again).

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