Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where do you hide my appetite?

Hello you all there? Everything's good? Same here!
No, I mean, not really. I'm having a strange situation here.
What's about? My appetite.
I'm kinda loosing it, lately.
So weird, since it never happened before. Except when my body is sick.
But that's a common exceptional condition, right? Everybody might lose their appetite when they're unhealthy.

I'm in a well condition now; my body is in its good performance, my mood is in love with this life, and my heart is filled with happiness. But then, why o why, my appetite has just blown away?
Karien said, a friend of mine, maybe I just feel bored to eat. Heeehhh?? What an answer, I said. She explained that it happens sometimes. Our body rejects to do the same thing over and over again. That doesn't sound make sense to me, I eat for the whole of my life, rice, rice, rice and rice. But I still love to eat it! Hehehe..

But Karien can be right. No one can exactly understand what our body has in its mind. My dear body, is it true? What is happening to you? Should I have a culinary traveling? Maybe it can be a refreshment to you, to me also, to us. Let's just try!

Hhhmm... by the way, I guess we should wait for a week. Ca va? It's just, my payment day will be next week. Lol! I'm so sorry.. Meja is always right! Coz it's all about the money! It's all about the dam dam daradamdam...

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