Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Feel sexy, hein?

Ok. One thing I know by being a transjakartaners, I hate woman who wave their hair right in front of others face. Halo??

You feel so damned sexy, hein? Waving your long hair imitating the shampoo advertisement that build an image of sexy lady who choose a right shampoo which make their hair light and smells nice. Ok, I admit that it looks sexy. Really. I even did that action several times. ^^V But, only but, there's no people close to me. As I walking on the sidewalk, wearing my working suite -with glasses and high heels, of course- I love to wave my hair when I know there are people around, but not very close! And why is that? Just to feel sexy and attractive. What? Don't laugh! Make survey about that and you'll see that shampoo advertisement successfully washed our brain. Lol!

Yes dear ladies, maybe you all forget that our hair, even we washed it, is not sterile from bacterias. Moreover, in Jakarta, as you walk out from your house and take public transportation, "clean" is exactly no longer exist. So, keep your dirtiness for your self and no need to spread it to others. Ok?

Wave your hair as many as you like, no problem with that. As long, I say as long, you don't spread all the bacterias to others faces. Note that, honey? And please, go sexy! *wink*

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