Friday, June 24, 2011

What are your favorite books?

This question comes from Jo, what are your favorite books?
Hhhmmm.. I suddenly listing on mind. Some books come immediately, some are just gone. But if we change the question, what is your favorite book? I can surely answer this. Petit Prince.

Little Prince, translated in English, Pangeran Kecil in Bahasa Indonesia. I firstly knew this book around my first year in university. There was a small bookstore near house where Dyence, Nasto and I, both are my besties, usually visited on our way back home. I forgot the store name, but it's a special bookstore which not only sell the bestsellers, but also the uncommoners. It's a type of signatured bookstore, like the one of Kathleen Kelly in You've Got Mail. Feel like i wanna have one in the future.

Back to that time, I found Pangeran Kecil there. Eye-catching, with a draw of the little prince in color. Seducing me with his lonely pose; standing alone as seeing the sky. No needed so long to think, I grabbed it. And it wasn't expensive, just like almost all books they sell there. May God bless the owner.

So there was I, hypnotized by the prince. Finally found my true friend. I still can't believe how Antoine de Saint-Exupery read me and write it so beautifully. That's how I feel about the book. And from that moment on, the prince, Exupery and I are friends.

People often talk a lot about their friends, right? So did I. I talked about them to Monsieur Carles, a french businessman to whom I worked as an interpreter. He said that he read and love it. It's one of a kind. Children and philosophy students read it. That is what we call a book for all. Hmm.. what a good remark, Monsieur!

This is the best part. Monsieur Carles sent me Petit Prince from France! See how three of us meant for each other! Lol! So I have him in Bahasa and French. And one day, iIfound him in English, so I bought it! Yay!!

Nasto asked me to collect it in many languages. A quoi ca sert, Nasto? Since I can only speak those three languages. Lol! O yes, since I spread the magic of Little Prince everywhere, I have one special person who truly fell for him.

My dear Syarif, please allow me to share your beautiful write.
You all, be prepared for the journey. And you my Little Prince, the trip is yours.

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