Monday, June 6, 2011

Hightech cellphone, introversion and I.

Nasto, a bestie of mine, once asked me whether I'm an introvert or extrovert person. I answered that I'm always kinda confused to categorize myself based on that. But today, I finally find the answer. Here it goes, Nasto.

I cant precise the year, but I remember that I was student that time. When Yahoo Messenger, also well known as YM, was a la mode, or it's still now? Dunno. Young people who started to use internet actively exchange their YM ID so that they can meet in their chat box. I don't know exactly how YM works, but my friends seem happy to communicate with others by using YM. While me, I wasn't interested to chat with others because I already have an intensive communication with people I want. So I wasn't a la mode.

Blackberry (BB) is a smart-phone which with it people not only can make a call and send sms, but also e-mailing and connecting to internet through mobile network service or Wi-Fi. It was released in 2003 and commonly use in Jakarta around 2006, as I remember. My friends, who are technology up-daters threw their conventional cellphone and started to use BB. And it didn't took so long for Jakarta people to follow the trend massively. I can see BB everywhere, in my house -mom and sister in law are two of the tech up-daters- at the office, mall, public transportation, even in public restroom -not the visitor, but the cleaning service officers.-

High tech means high price? Yes, it is. BB is an expensive stuff for me, from the launching and even 'till now. I was curious with "what make people adore it," so I asked them how they advantage their BB. Face-booking, BBM(Blackberry Messenger)-ing and chatting (most using YM). Hhmm.. not that interesting. But still, BB is a la mode!

My besties and I entered the working life since 2006. Since that we hardly arrange our time to hang out and update our news. Finding out that people out there are not so nice, we become more addicted one to other. Okay, we need to communicate intensively. We benefited phone call, sms and gtalk (Google messenger) at first, but since two of my besties live overseas, phone call and sms aren't recommended. So we become active skypers (Skype is also a messenger), we have conference chat almost every day and a video call sometimes. It's all for free! May God bless the inventor! Lol!

I connect to internet on work days and work hours only, by Wi-Fi in my office. So on weekend, I lost contact with my besties while the addiction grows more. Nasto and Karcut, who already use smart-phone (BB and i-phone), provoke me to buy it so that we can communicate whenever and wherever. Considering the need and the price, I decided not to buy it. It's still expensive for me though!

Until last week, I finally buy one -not BB neither i-phone- which is much cheaper! Yay! Samsung galaxy mini, my first smart-phone. Since I'm not a high-tech person, I need much time and concentration to learn using it. And communication problem solved! I'm online on skype most of time and we even find a new application, whatsup! It can connect BB, i-phone and other smart-phone with Android (this one you can googling) in it. I start to love tech! Lol!

With this phone, I can also be online in other social network and ready to chat. I was, for several first days. But no oh no, I can't help being online everywhere like others. When the phone beeps because of a "hi" from someone on my friend-list, I was panic. Feel I'm being forced to chat with him/her. Soooo uncomfortable! Now I realize that those who I want and need to communicate everyday are my besties and my boyfriend. They are more than enough to brighten up my days!

So Nasto, I'm online on skype, gtalk and whatsup where I can find you all there. And yes, I'm an introvert, dear! I'm not loner but I tend to have fewer numbers of friends, those who I believe are truly friends. I know that I have a good social skills, but I'm well energized by you all. Should I ask for more?

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