Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's two pieces!

Yesterday, I worked out after work and continued with swimming. You know that I prefer to swim at night than in the morning? Yes, I do! Less light, less heat and less crowd. Lovely! If I want to swim, I don't go to the closest gym to the office cause it doesn't have any pool. The one who has it is near Dyence's office, my bestie. Not far, only about 15 minutes to go there, by bus.

Here's the timetable; Arrived there at 5.20 pm and started to work out around 5.30 until 6.10, I prayed maghrib and changed the outfit for about 20 minutes. Continued to swim from 6.30 until 7.00, after that I needed 30 minutes to take a warm bath, change clothes and pack my things. And the night is wrapped with cup of tea, biscuits and a little chat with Sakti, my gym partner.

O, that's not the point! All I wanna share is about my swimsuit last night. Lol! Me started to swim since my childhood. It was my dear mom who introduced this best sport in universe. Okay I'm biased, sorry. She bought me a one piece blue strips swimsuit, a very nice one. I wore it to learn swimming in a sport club where she registered me when I was six. We went there twice a week. I looked so gorgeous with that blue strips suit and a blue mini buoy! ;p

I couldn't get in to that suit again when I was in junior high school. And mom bought me a new one, it was red, with three colors of strip at front. Not really like it cause the model is so common. Sorry, mom! Fortunately that suit didn't last long, I accidentally ironed the skirt. Lol! Accidentally I said, accidentally. And I separated with that poor red swimsuit.

Since that, I borrowed my auntie's or my bestie's swimsuit when I swam. I know, that wasn't cool and hygiene. But, what can I say? Lack of money, that was the only reason. But o but, on my second year on work world, I finally bought a swimsuit by my own money. Yay! I chose a one piece suit on leopard motif. Aaauummm... I wear it with a big confidence of my body shape on that while on TV and magazines, ladies nowadays wear more and more bikini in pool. And I found that hot!

And my dearest Karcut, another bestie of mine, answered it. She bought me a bikini, a beautiful one! O gosh! It's two pieces swimsuit with another piece of (something like) skirt to cover my body on my way to pool, all in rainbow's motif. Love it! O, I should've took a picture of it! Later, kay! I intend to wear that in Phuket. Yaaayy!! It's about one more month and two weeks. Can't wait! Really can't wait, so I wore it last night at the pool. Kekekee.. Somehow, the B makes me feel so light and hot. (No curse, please..)

It's two pieces and makes me look like hotties! *finger crossed*

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