Thursday, September 15, 2011

And I'm, rejected!

As I planned on my resolution's list, I'm about to donate my blood four times this year. Do you know that our body need at least three months to be healed after the donation? That's according to the doctors who I surely don't remember the name. Those who do the check up things before we donate.

It went well on February and June, but yesterday, after three months and two days since my last donation, an unexpected thing happened. As usually, after giving the donor card and signing a form, I have my health checked by a doctor. That day, by doctors; a woman and a man. My weight was measured, my blood pressure was checked, both are okay. And then my blood PH; the doctor will take some blood from my finger, put it in a little straw (What? For me it is a straw!), and drop it to a bowl where there is a blue liquid. If your blood PH is good, your blood will drown in. But if not, then you need more calcium. Mine, they drown for a second and then floating. Lol!

The doctors asked if I eat well lately, I did! Did I eat enough meat? Come on, what else do we eat in Lebaran? So, they suggested me to consume vitamin for blood and eat more fresh meat and veggie to have enough calcium. And come back after three days.

Beware, an omnivore is having a deadline here! Lol!


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