Monday, September 19, 2011

From cousinhood to neighbourhood

I love the title there!

Do you know why family can tie you no mater how far you go? Cos its blood. Indeed! That's why people say 'blood is thicker than water.' In my experience, no mater how hard we deny our root, the life will spinning and spinning to a circle and bring us back to the root, and all you can do is just say 'bye' to the highest leaf.

Do you know why friendship is one of the biggest miracle on earth? Cos it needs no blood. Indeed! Frank Crane even say 'a friend is a person with whom you dare to be yourself." In my experience too, once we found our true friend, never be careless to tie her/him up to you. Because a friend, will always come to you, light you, smile and even cry for you, no matter how fast the life is spinning around.

Do you know that a friend in family is priceless? It is. Indeed! You have the thickness of the same blood and a person to be together with in light and dark moments. Just because, she never wants to live her life without you. Because this friend, is always looking for you to share her day, to wipe her tears, and to laugh the stupidity she made. I have one.

Do you know a girl named Upie? No, she's no longer a girl, a woman now. I call her T'Upiel. T is from teteh, an appellation for older girl in Sundanese. Upiel is from Palupi, her name. I make that nickname. *wink* She is a dearest cousin of mine, a little older than me. (How nice I am, I put 'a little older there, Lol!) She is a friend of mine too. In the third category I described up there. I know, how lucky I am, right?

Do you know that last weekend she added a new label in my life? A neighbor. Looks like two are not enough for her! Lol! Hardly looked for a house to rent for weeks, finally we found an available small house that she desires which is only separated two doors from mine. That is coincidence! True. After some administration steps, she moved there; she and her husband. Yay!

Do you know how it feels? Well I just know it. A strange good feeling, to always be near.

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