Thursday, January 6, 2011

When age isn’t just a number

Ask my age, and you’ll find that I need some seconds to count. My birth year minus present year equals my age. It’s a universal formula, right? All I wanna say is that I never remember my age in mind. Actually it shows that age is not important for me. I mean it, not in order to pretend my growing ages. But somehow life teaches me that maturity never been parallel with age. So, age is just a number!

When I talk to a friend about someone else and he or she ask me about that person’s age, I am definitely will get confused. I don’t know how to classify or define someone’s age by her or his physic or performance. Yup, I’m that bad! Lol.

Talking about age, I remember one day on Oprah show; she said that she never wanted to be operated to look younger. For her, every wrinkle and face mark has their own story. And she never wanted to erase them cause it means that at the same time she erase her past historical story. What an enlightening thought! Even though I can’t afford a plastic surgery, I will never want to be operated in order to look younger. Go Oprah!

Well actually a year ago I started to try to remember my age because I found out that people always asked about it. It’s a rhetorical question, I know. Instead of asking me, “When will you get married?” they prefer, “How old are you now?” Lol! You know why? It’s because recently Indonesian woman usually get married around 25 to 28 years old. If a woman reach 30 and you are still single, be alert then! People will think that there must be something wrong with you. Lol! Funny but true!

I am twenty seven now and will be twenty eight soon. No problem with that, at all. I even feel sexier! *wink*But today, I see that age isn’t just a number in professional life. What do I mean? I was searching for a job vacancy; I found some that are very interesting; a newspaper reporter, a teacher, a public relation officer, etc. But guess what? One of the requirement is; not more that twenty six year old. Lol! It was my age a year ago!

Face the reality, girl! I asked my boss about that common requirement. He explained that more than twenty six year old is no longer a productive age. Yeah..yeah… How can you generalize that! Well by the way, I’m not frustrating founding that issue. I’m just amaze. How an age can decide your opportunity.

Fortunately I’m having Anastasia, one of my gals. She is twenty six and looking for a new job. So I called her and transferred all the vacancy info. She is so enthusiast. Here it comes, companies! Be ready for a twenty six year old girl who will come to your doors soon! Rock them all, Nasto! And don’t forget to say it loud, “Hi, sir! My name is Anastasia and I’m twenty six year old!” Lol!


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  2. Well noted! ;)
    But don't worry, I don't have any plan to have that kind of surgery. I'm sure that inner beauty is still the key of all beauty. Right?