Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hola! Happy New Year, everybody! Bonne année!

How was your 2011 welcoming party? Was it fun? I’m sure it was, right? Me, I had no party. Not interested to have it, this time. I know, I guess something’s wrong with me! Haha.. Or this is what people call the “a factor”; age. Lol!

Even though I didn’t throw a New Year party, but I didn’t passed it alone. I went to Bandung; my baby’s mom invited me. So there was I, in their warm house. FYI, I always love being there, such a lovely house and a very warm family! On the last night of 2010, I was so damn tired, after my bath I was accidentally sleeping in an uncomfortable pose. Well, that happens sometimes, right? It was 8 p.m. and I didn’t have a dream at all along the night. What a peaceful sleep. I was woken up at 9 a.m. by people’s chat in the dining room. And voila, Happy New Year, Dega!

Why I could be that tired? Here’s the answer. We, my baby and I were up to something big on the last two days of 2010. What making us that busy? Hmmm.. Have I told you that I love photography? Yup, I love taking pictures. What kind of pictures? Anything. But I’m still not very good in capturing human. Need more practices.

One day, Tatum, a friend of mine published her photo-web on her wall. I checked it and I found it was so damn cool! Inspired by her, I started to classify my photos, chose some that are better than others, put on some albums and named them. After that, we learnt the web, My baby said that it’s such a great web, because he found that the program facilitate us so well. Due to several internet problems, we finally can upload all photos. And it was his task after that; editing, designing, choosing songs for the back sounds, and everything else that is so complicated for me. Hehe.. Thank you my beloved editor!

It was soooooo beautiful, my photo web. You don’t trust me? Please take a look!

Please enjoy!

p.s. Have a dazzling year, everybody!

Gros bisous!!

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