Friday, October 7, 2011

Beyonce and I

Gals, do you match your nail polish with your outfit?

I'm a little bit nervous here, whether I should put the same color as my wedding gown, or just a color in the same tone, or it's fine to put a really different one! Aiisshh.. How do you think? Hmm.. honestly, I'm in love with a color, the one that Beyonce use on her latest video, Best Thing I Never Had. Check this out:

Gold! It's gold, right? Isn't it beautiful?? I will also wear white for the wedding vow, but another color for the party. But I think both are goes with gold. *more like talking to myself*
But oh but, a bestie said that red is the best one. Hhmm.. Red is good, but since all the bride in town always put red nail polish for their wedding, it doesn't kinda fit me. A you know, I don't like to be common, gals. Even it's inevitable sometimes. Lol!

Okay, I think I'll do nail polish hunting this evening, after work. Let's see if universe agree with me and Beyonce. *wink*
Have a happy week-end everyone!

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