Monday, October 10, 2011

Mon Joyeux Anniversaire

B-day gal is in d houuseee!! Yaaayyy!!!

Hey ya all! Annyeong Haseyoo!! Ca va? Today's my day. I can say it that way, rite? I'm turning 28 now. What a number. *wink* How's my day so far? Smooth.

As I woke up this morning, I watched Running Man on my laptop until 8 a.m. and the consequence is I'm desperate to watch the next episode! ToT Ah, after that I was rushed to get prepared and thankfully the road seemed very kind to me. I kept my self busy along the journey, replying all the bday messages. Aaaa.. How I love it! A day when universe pray for my good without being asked or paid. Lol! How about my wish? My wish is just like everybody's wishes. They really send me very sweet wishes. And all I have to do is say, Ameeenn... =)

I no longer have the bday euphoria like years ago, I also don't have list of cadeau like I used to, I don't have bday cake with candles like I always have since years, I don't hold a small or big bday party, no more party. All I do have is a complete me. A 28 years old girl; with healthy mind and body, a happy soul, a dazzling histories and also surrounded with like million lovable people. How can I ask for more, then?

A perfect life from the perfect 10 (I was born on October -ten- 10th at 10 pm). Happy birthdaaayyy!!!! Biseeesss.... (Yes! I'm kissing myself!) Lol!

Joyeux Anniversaire!! 생일 축하 해요!! Happy Birthdaayy!!! Selamat Ulang Tahun!!!

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