Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I should thank Abah for naming her so beautifully, MyMuna. No, it’s definitely not written like that, just say it homophone, Maimunah. Sounds similar, right? ;) So let me thank you, Abah, Mama, for bringing an angel into my life. Even an angel can be so true. ^^

11 December 2007
Deg.. I think, what u did 4 Billy and Putri were so sweet.. Hmm we really lucky 2 have u in our life.. I’m so happy.. Love u dear..

17 Maret 2009
Dega.. Salah bgt kl td loe bilang g ada yg bs loe lakukan buat nenangin gw skrg.. Sumpah ya dgn loe tlp aja, bs ngebuat gw seneng, lbh tenang, and bersyukur coz I have u in my life.. Love u dear.. Love u so much..

10 September 2009
I love u so much.. I really really do =)

28 December 2009
Sayaaannggg… Have fun 4 tomorrow ya.. Jgn lupa baca doa ‘n oleh2.. Selamat menikmati perjalananmu dgn menggunakan pesawat terbang.. Up up ’n away darling.. Emmmuuaaahhh...

19 Maret 2010
Degakuuu.. How r u darling?? Is everything fine now?? Kabar2i ya.. Love u so much.. u know that, rite? Emmuuaahhh

8 May 2010
Degaaa… Sukses ya buat acara hari ini.. Jgn BT2 or sedih2 ya.. U should proud of urself dear ;) Love u.. Emmuuaahhh

Dear MyMuna, you told me that you’re looking for a partner of life. You have some now; wish you’ll find “the one” very very soon, my dear. So that I can see “that” smile back. My favorite one! ;) You also told me once that I’m one of them, your partner of life, so you won’t go anywhere, without me.

I’m taking you everywhere I go, my dear. Just like you did, do, and I believe, will always do to me. MyMuna...

"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed." (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

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