Tuesday, May 10, 2011

To all daddy in the world.

Dearest all daddy in the world,

Somehow, no matter what happened between us, we, children know that you always love us.
Somehow, even rain didn't drop for years, we always know that we are the center of your universe.
Somehow, when you have another woman beside you, we believe that we are always be special.
Somehow, the farer we go, the more you get closer with us.

To man that we call dad from our born,

We always try to respect you, even it's so hard to.
So please, respect our mom and we will give every bow to you.
We never want to put hateness between us.
So please, love our mom and we will love you will all our heart.

Just like Adam and Eve; Romeo and Juliet, Sartre and Beauvoir, Muhammad and Khadijah.
You both will always be our beloved Mom and Dad.


  1. Dega "anak ayah" juga, ya ? Sama, dong ... =)

  2. Hahahaa... gw anak jalanan aja deh, De! ;p