Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A very blessed 27 years old girl

I wanted to type "a very lucky 27 years old girl" before, but realized that lucky is not enough. If lucky means having or attended by good luck, occurring by chance, and believing to bring luck, than I chose the right word, then. Cause this one I want to describe is not only a matter of luck or chance, it's something more. While blessed means worthy of worship; holy, bringing happiness, pleasure or contentment. Holy, guess that's the keyword.

Here, in my place and its culture, a 27 years old girl expected as someone who has finished her study, has a settle career, surrounded by loyal friends and colleagues, can be depended by her family, and also, the most important one, has a husband. Happy? Dream? It's non of society business.

Me, I'm 27 years old, will be 28 soon. Yay! The society is expecting me to follow their rules, of course. And me, I am walking in and with them, the society, while avoiding its rules which don't fit me. I've finished my study, Alhamdulillah. A settle career? Well I'm happy with this thing I do now, but still, I'm still up to my dream job, a teacher. Wish me luck! Am I surrounded by loyal friends and colleagues? I am. I proudly am. And also, by a big various family. Love is all in the air!

Can be depended by her family, hmmm... This one I don't know. But so far, I am trying to walk together with people I love. I am living with my brother's family now, and it feels good. I have a good relationship with my parents, I am hanging out with my aunties, cousins and nephews, I chat with my uncle, I laugh and cry with my girls, I even enlarging my family circle now! Wooo..

The last one, a husband. Yay! I am single until now! And it's a bless! Since I have a special man with whom I share my daily life story now. My dreams, passions and craziness. What a bonus, right! We're learning how to share our life goodly, before marriage lock us. Lock? What a diction! Lol!

Mom? What about mom say? Instead of asking me, "When will you guys marry?" She, a very uncommon mom, lucky me, asked, "When will you continue your study and upgrading your diploma?" Oh girls, I know you are all jealous of me, now. Not only that, she also once shared her thoughts to me and my man, "Do you know? I never worry that my daughter will have a difficulty to find a good man and to end in a marriage. Why? Because I'm doing my best in life, I always try not to hurt others. By that, I'm sure that mother's good path will enlighten her children path." She smiled, my man smiled, I smiled in heart while trying not to drop a tear.

Am I happy? No reason for not being to. Am I still keeping my dream alive? Of course I do.

I have a very enlightened path, thanks to my dear mother who bless her 27 years old girl.


  1. "27" Itu framing. 27 Cerita untuk dihadiahkan di Salamatahari ... ngengok ... kenapa jadi iklan? =p

    Selamat almost 28, ya, Dega ...

    Eh ... tapi btw... lu ulangtaun belum lama2 amat, lho. Pas Pasar Seni ITB itu kan? Jadi lu menjadi umur 27 nya masih lama, kok. Marenjoy, Deg, hehe ...

  2. Hahhaaa.. iklan terselebung..

    Iyah, 28 masih lama, ya De! ;p