Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How can I call it a hell?

An aunty of mine, a beloved one, once said that marriage is a hell. Lol! She meant it. My other aunty told her, if marriage is a hell, than how come you can have three kids from that! More lol! She replied, my husband and I, we fought a lot! When we fought, it wasn’t only by mouth, but also all part of our body! And the result is, the three boys! Lol lol lol!

One happy day, my cousin got married. She wore a beautiful kebaya and held a nice wedding party. At the end of party, my aunty, yes that one told her loudly, “Welcome to the hell!” And we were laughing ironically. She even hasn’t changed her clothes yet! What a family I have! Lol again.

Well that is my auntie’s conclusion; marriage is a hell. What about mine? I don’t know, I’m still a single fighter now. I’ll let you all know once I have it, ok? But by the way, imagining the life of marriage, it’s kinda difficult for me to see hell on it. And why is that?

In present time, I live alone. I work, live my own life by my own income; rent a house, buy food, pay the bills, etc. No work equals no house, no food, no anything. So no choice here, I have to work so that I can live.

Let’s imagine to the future, I live with my husband. I work, live my life together with our income; rent a house, buy food, pay the bills, etc. No work still means a house, food, everything. Why is that? Because a husband means someone who live to make sure that her wife has a good life. Even in Islam, a husband has to take it as one of the biggest responsibility, a must. How sweet, right?

Back to the present, and then tell me now, how can I call it, a marriage, as a hell?

While maybe I’m living in it now! Lol! As for me, marriage seems to be a heaven. Insya Allah.

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